NOT a "Perfect" diabetic at all!

I am on vacation and have been over doing it! I am a diabetic who does NOT count carbs at all…not even in the slightest!!
I hate doing it(I used to…but, it got stupid and boring for me!! I am also NOT watching what I am eating…and so, my doctor is going to have a “field day” with me aswell!!

I am a diabetic journey, on the edge of a messy road spill!

I have gotten sick from eating too much food, or too rich ,too sweet, too much foods…etc…!
I am a mess, already happening at this writing…and My sister-in-law told my mother about my lack of control over my blood sugars…be-
cause her father and others who she likes a lot have diabetes too!!)so she sits me down to ask me how to diabetes is doing lately…and I have to admit that I have NOT been watching myself…lately!! Yes, I have eaten way OVER my food limit…and just NOT the correct foods for me!! She then told my mother about my “lack of control” with foods…and my high sugars!! ( I do not happen to think that my sister-in-law is trying to be hurtful…she is simply worried about me!)
I suppose that the ONLY way that I can do better is to think of the family that I will be hurting or “technically” leaving behind, if I do NOT change my living /eating ways…what do you all think?



I’m right there with you. Since being at Mom’s this past week, I have been doing very well - sugar levels great. When I go back home, probably going to be a different ball game. I can only hope to get an A1C under 7! Waht a phenomenal goal. I’m aiming for it, and still goaling for the gym, etc. Hang in there, I like this blog.

Please be careful. Back in 2005 my father was dying, and I did not take my insulin, had a poor diet, all that stuff. After my father passed, and I went back to work they found me at my desk with my head down. I could hardly talk. My husband came and took me to the ER. My blood sugar was 740!!! Nobody can tell you what to do or not do. You have to take care of yourself. Please do not make my mistakes. I was in the ICU for a couple of days. It was not fun…but I did it to myself. Take care of yourself!