Not Abe Lincoln's Civil War

My name isn't Abe Lincoln and I'm not sporting a cool top hat or bad-■■■ beard the way our historic wartime president once did. But I do have a cat. And a voice. And a place as good as Gettysburg to get my point across about an important discussion playing out in the Diabetes Community.

That issue: We apparently have a Diabetes Civil War waging. So says the Chicago Tribune, and other so-called journalism organizations newspapers and media outlets. The Nov. 22 story sparked some protest from many of us People With Diabetes, mainly over how it characterized the division between the various types of diabetes. Many have written about this already and opinions are flying. The theme: Fight Diabetes, Not Each Other. Yes, I echo that mantra. No need to repeat what's already been written and spoken, in the online sense. But I do have some other points to make on this... and those are over at The Diabetic's Corner Booth.

Have already stated my opinion on that but will do it one more time. I took Type 1 in 73 have went through name changes b/f and if I have too will again but…I think when it comes down to it WE’RE ALL DIABETICS we all have life changes happening to us. If they gave Type 1 yet another name I might just be at a loss when I go to other drs. LEAVE IT ALONE AND LET US WORK ON OURSELVES AND THE CURE!