Not all things go bump in the night

Slippers good or bad I love slippers not a fetish but just like them to walk about in in the home, the only draw back is when I bump into somethings or accidentally kick an object and you can ask how can you accidentally kick an object just follow me around the house, my limbs have minds of there own in the past 6 months I have nearly lost two toe nails on my big piggies the treatment for one lasted 6 weeks and it was touch and go as to whether I would have to have the nail removed,when you loose feelings in your feet toes you can sometimes not know you have injured them until the bruising or pain starts it is usually my Angel who checks my feet regularly that finds the damage,so is or better still are slippers good for diabetics are there reinforced slippers out there if so let me know, this Christmas I had 3 pairs of slippers as presents slippers ties socks seem to be the order of the day for my kids when it comes to dads gifts not ungrateful for as I have said I like slippers mind you I like a nice cuppa tea but I would not spill it me if I could help it bumps and slippers go hand in hand so the balance of nature is satisfied.

I am sitting here with my slippers on as you might know we have no carpets downstairs due to the burst pipes over Christmas, I ruined one pair coming down one morning and having to wade through 4 inches of water to get to the stop tap, I buried them with full honours,on a serious note knocking toes or any other part of the body in diabetics can lead to serious consequences

loosing the feeling in toes feet is an accident waiting to happen, so put your best foot forward and try to remember the golden rule toes feet legs do not take kindly to furniture doors or children’s toys left lying about, Having taken of my slippers to check my feet I have found a bit of gravel in the bottom of one probably got there when the carpets were taken up and on the sole of my floor there is a bright red mark where I have been waling on it for who knows how long you need eyes in the bottom of your feet sometimes.