Not Alone

So often, I feel like I’m alone in this. I forget that others are having the same feelings, frustrations, and struggles. It’s such an invisible disease that you can’t tell by just looking at someone. Then there’s a reminder, like yesterday, when I ran at the outdoor neighborhood track. I put the key in my car to open the door, ready to test and go home, and I look down and see a Freestyle test strip lying on the pavement. It made me feel less alone.

That’s exactly why I spend so much time here. I want to learn and discuss, and it seems this is my only outlet. I’m very thankful for you and everyone here!

Chloe you’re not alone at all! we’re all on the same bot! but i know what you mean…I felt lonely especially at the beginning…like i was the only one dealing with it…feeling strange and weird, but it’s not! Hear to listen if you need me.Ale