Not counting you, how many people does your mother know who live with Type 1?

You can just answer with a number or a detailed explanation. As the parent of a type 1 child, I don't know another parent (except in online forums).

My mother's been dead for 35 years. (Sorry the question bemused me). But I've met several parents from going to diabetes related events. When I was in the Bay Area I started a group for Type 1 Women as I longed to meet others. I now live in a rural area and the only Type 1 organization is much more oriented to families. I went to an event they put on and it was the majority of parents with type 1 children. Try contacting your local branch of the JDRF if you want to meet and interact with other families!

Also, my mother passed a long time ago. I will note that in my entire life, I have met only 2 other Type 1s in person--a coworker and a chronic disease psychologist. Lots of Type 2s, however...

one of my moms good friends is apparently a LADA diag in her ?50's now in her 70's, one of her other good friends is a very long standing type 2 on insulin for a long time. but maybe was your question meant to be how many other type 1 moms do you know as a parent of a type 1? i know two in town my son injected insulin with these boys for a few years but they werent friends not unfriendly just not friends and they never talked about their D i have had a few conversations with both moms, but never really hit it off i guess, i have gained more support and information here.

my mom knows one other T1 diabetic besides myself. He is my brother.


My mom was fortunate. The girl who babysat us was diagnosed with Type 1 about a year before I was, so my mother knew hers right off the bat. My brother also had a friend with Type 1 growing up, although I think he became friends with him after I was diagnosed, but our parents knew one another. Our area also had a local parents' support group which she attended, and about five years after I was diagnosed one of my friends was diagnosed. When I was growing up I had yearly appointments with the diabetes clinic at BC Children's Hospital, and some years I remember going to weekend where kids and parents would attend workshops and appointments together. So my mom was pretty well connected and well supported.

I live in and grew up in Canada and I have heard that we have a higher incidence of Type 1 here than many other areas of the world.

Many, Many. Many ( over 150!)that I have corresponded/ established friendships with in the DOC: Diabetic Online Community. I frankly do not think I have personally met anyone ( seen and talked to in person) who has Type One diabetes and is my age or older(58). I have a LADA cousin( age 51) who has been diagnosed for 3 years, and a woman from my hometown who has had type one for over 50 years, but they are the only 50+type ones I have had personal face to face interactions with.. I think I have personally met, during the course of my lifetime, maybe less than 20 type ones. This includes kids at schools where I worked and relatives of friends and co-workers.
Interesting question/post . I Constantly meet type 2 adult diabetics; or at least have been told they are type 2 by their medical practitioners. Some, I suspect are LADA, as they have always been thin to average weight, getting high a1c's despite the metformin, diet and exercise. (No one has told them to extensively test, but that is another story/another post.)
Unless I go to diabetic meetings and dinners,I hardly ever meet type one adults in person. I guess we are pretty rare in the general population..

I have met about 15 moms of type ones through my job and my interactions with local diabetic communiities.

Thanks for the DOC and ,particularly, Tu d!!!

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I'm not sure. She mentioned one friend of hers, they'd played bridge and she'd been the real estate agent involved w/ our move when I was in high school, was dx'ed, I think maybe LADA or something like that.

I've run into maybe 10 people over the years. Several through Tae Kwon Do, a guy at work, a guy in the wild party scene, a waitress at a restaurant I worked at, just here nd there. The DOC definitely expanded my horizons in that respect!

My mom passed away 28 years ago today. I was dx at age 10, and I don't think she had contact with any other T1s while I was still at home (1942-1950). Fifty (50) years after my graduation from high school, at the class reunion, I learned that the girl who was assigned the seat directly in front of me by the teacher in 8th grade was diabetic. Back in those days we didn't spread the word about ourselves the way we do now. Without taking anything away from all that my mom did for me, I have to say that d-moms of today have a much tougher job than my mom did. We didn't have any home BG testing, so insulin levels were chosen so as to keep the (unknown) average BG level sufficiently high to avoid some of the problems. There were no insulin pumps in those days. That would have been great, wouldn't it!

.My mother who is still alive am glad to say new 7 other mothers who children where T1 she new from the D clinic at our hospital and one who became a great friend also.Me my self i no again 9 who are T1 some who i have met through my work in medical research and some of them also have children who are T1

My mother knows 2 more and my wife knows 4 more T1 diabetics in person.

You might want to post this in the Parents group. Here it's just confusing. Most of us on here are adults and even if our parents are still alive what doesn't matter is how many T1's they know, but how many we, the PWD does!

I am the mom... my T1 is 4 years old. We have met 2 other little T1 girls about the same age, just by chance- one lives across the back alley and our two girls will be attending the same kindergarden class in Sept. I also know one T1 adult.

I think besides me, maybe one other person that my mother knows. Myself one other personally, a co-worker. Lots of type 2's though.

My mom knows at least three people in real life who live with type 1 diabetes (a guy about my brother's age (six years younger than me), a woman about my mom's age, and a retired man she knows from work)--and more important, she's friends with a CDE and Sharon(mother of my brother's friend with diabetes). When I was first diagnosed, Mom talked with Sharon (who has lived with his diabetes since he was about 12) about what she could expect.