Not even birds or fish are safe

No idea what is causing it if you are religious you might attribute it to the End of Days,if you are cynical you probably think the Government has something to do with it or even extraterrestrial,one thing is for sure it seems to be World wide,and listening to the experts on TV they have lots and lots of explanations none of which really convince me about you, is there a cure for diabetes if there was would the drug companies come forward and loose billions of pounds just to cure us all let me think,our Government cannot even stop the enourmous bonuses about to be paid to bank staff,while the country is stony broke justice fairness plenty if you are wealthy if you are poor and most of us are who do you think will be treated fairley.
Know that is off my chest,I have not felt too bad this morning the snow has returned with a vengeance so my bones ache a lot but my mind is clear and so is my eyesight how long it will last no one knows.