Not Happy With Dexcom!

There was probably some sort of human error or mix up. When it comes, just hold off using it until you get verification from your insurance of coverage and make sure Dexcom has that information so that you don't get wrongly billed. I've never had a problem with them.

When you got your dexcom did you have to sign for it or was it dropped off at your door step; no signature required. I new it was at my door step before I got home. Got an email from Fed Ex saying it was there. I am sold on dexcom just not the kind of customer service I am getting. So now I have a dexcom sitting in my house and not quite sure what to do with it. I know I can't afford to keep it if I have to pay out of pocket for it. So there is no need to get used to it and then have to send it back. Guess i'll call the insurance company in the morning to see if they received anything from dexcom.

I always thought Dexcom was a good company. My insurance company doesn't cover CGM's made by anyone, otherwise I would love to have one.

At any rate, I would call FED-EX and have them pick up the package without opening it, as you did not order this device. If you keep it and open it, that constitutes acceptance, and you will be stuck for the bill, if your insurance company delcines its coverage.

Last year I received my one year replacement for the Dexcom. After I received it, I got a letter from my insurance that they would not pay for it. My previous insurance had paid for the original Dexcom, and my new insurance was paying for the sensors, so I never dreamed that they wouldn't pay for the replacement. I appealed their decision and it was reversed and they paid. Now once again I am about to be shipped another one year replacement, and I told the sales person at Dexcom I didn't want to go through that again. She told me that they are working to get pre-authorization once they get all the paperwork from my endo, and will let me know when they have approval. I think at that point I will call my insurance and make sure we are all on the same page.

I hope you can get everything straightened out, it truly is a great tool for keeping an eye on blood sugars.

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This kind of blows my mind. I cannot get Dex to ship anything out to me until they've gotten approval from my insurance company, and that includes sensors. I think there may be some uninformed sales reps working at the company now.

Hi, Unknown Diabetic: I went on the CGM (I happened to choose medtronic) BECAUSE in my 43 yr career with Type 1 my "glukes" (as I call my BGs) dipped and surged so much; dangerously so -- and I have little if any hypo symptoms anymore. I appreciate the CGM a lot for showing me by graph and occasional little beeps if my BGs are up or down too fast and how they're trending. Please do give this cool tool another chance. I'm in my 6th week on the pump and 2nd week on CGM -- and I'll not be going back. I'm feeling WAY healthier now due to knowing very frequently what's happening with my blood, and responding. I hope you'll try it. It takes enthusiasm & review to learn the how-to but I'm getting there and it's worth the effort.

I called my insurance company this morning and they have still received nothing from dexcom(AKA STUPIDCOM). Yes I have now resorted to name calling. I called dexcom and was on the phone with the customer service manager. She kept telling me I had a different insurance company than I have that they filed with. After being on the phone for 15 minutes she finally realised she was looking at the wrong file. When she got to the right file she told me I was approved. I told her I am not approved because my insurance company hasn't received anything from you all. She said Carecentrix approved and said with there approval they go ahead and send out the dexcom. In case you don't know Carecentrix is the company that does the billing and files the insurance claims for them. She said I should go ahead and start using the dexcom. She also told me that it could take 30 to 45 days to get insuance approval. Dexcom has a 30 day return policy if you are not satisfied; how convenient for them if on day 31 you are not approved I guess you pay out of pocket.

Last year I got my fist pump from animas. They also use Carecentrix. I didn't get my pump until it was cleared by my insurance company.

Not very impressed with dexcom and how they do business. There idea of insurance approval and mine are two totally different things.

Are you sure it is Dexcom and not your insurance company? In my experience most of the delays and miscommunication is an insurance company issue and not the medical device company. It wouldn't surprise me if your insurance company doesn't have their story correct.

Dexcom is a good company.

Dexcom manager is the one who gave me the information. When she reading me the info off of the wrong file she told me this was at the 30 day point and they were trying to get it cleared through there insurance company. My insurance has no knowledge of me trying to get a Dexcom except that I told them. It appears this is there commen practice. The only reason I called my insurance company in the first place was to verify that it was covered because it was done in a week. That was to quick for me. For the insulin pump it took around six weeks.I’m sending the Dexcom back in the morning.

If I was in your shoes I would take a look at whatever Carecentrix sent before sending the Dexcom back. You can ask Dexcom to email or fax you a copy. If your insurance has contracted with Carecentrix to handle a lot of administrative things that usually includes preauthorizations. That would explain why the customer service rep at your insurance hadn’t seen anything yet.

Over three years ago in my attempt to obtain a CGM I first had my doctor agree (a perscription was requitred in my case). Next I contacted my Ins. Co. Their approval was denied (saying the FDA considers it experimental). After two lengthly appeals I continued to get the same lame words in their form letter denial.
Finally I started calling Ins. Co's. until I located one that covers the CGM. This Co. classifies the CGM as hardware, same as a wheelchair. This is good.
I have now been using my CGM for 2.5 years and love it. Not a serious hypo. event since the start.
This is the order to proceed in getting a CGM.
Good luck.

In reading about your situation, I am inclined to think the problem is all or more with the insurance side, not Dexcom. I despise insurance. I would be aggravated, too, but the peace of mind of having Dex onboard is huge. Like others, I was pre-authorized and the Dex rep was able to answer every detail about how my coverage works and how often I can re-order, etc, before I let them ship. You might want to accept it and try it. I think you will know whether you want the system within a week and by then the insurance will have been sorted out. But wait 24 hours after inserting the sensor before judging its value because accuracy really kicks in 12-18 hours after insertion.

Delays can come from any corner. I was on pins and needles waiting for my new PLUS. Turned out my busy doctor sat on the paperwork for a week before submitting.

Latest update: My Dexcom is now being shipped out to me. This is what I found out since yesterday. I found out that my insurance company approved it on the 16th. It was originally sent to me on the 14th before it was approved. after I received it on the 17th my insurance company told me there was no request for the dexcom. I then called dexcom and talked to the customer service manager and she told me she would look into it and call me back later that night. She never called me back. After she didn't call me back I decided to send it back. If she would of called me back like she was supposed to I would have not sent it back. This week someone else that is higher up on there food chain called me up to try and resolve the situation. He told me I was only to deal with him from here on out and that he would email me his contact info. Never got anything from him. I ended up contacting the original person I delt with to have the Dexcom shipped.

Everyone I talked to at Dexcom told me a different story and it took three calls to my insurance company to get correct information. I was getting way to much misinformation.

The one thing that is blowing my mind is that the day my endo office faxed the paperwork is the day it was approved. I would have never believed this after the customer service manager at dexcom told me it was going to take 30 to 45 days to get approved.

Congrats on getting it figured out. Hopefully just a one-time screw-up and from here on it will be easy. If you've never had CGM, it is really interesting to see glucose readings every 5 min.

I can’t wait to get it. Hope the learning curve want be to bad. Can’t wait to go bike riding with it to see how it does.

I never had this problem. They kept me informed every step of the way. With that said let me say that I got my Dexcom G4 in January 2013 and while there is some unstable glucose reading during the first day after inserting the sensor it has really worked for me. With the ability of being able to see my glucose levels every five minutes and make insulin decisions from those readings I have total control of my diabetes. My A1C went from 7% plus to an average of 5.4% over the last year. If you can afford to get this CGM on you own, or with insurance go for it. Of course, if you enjoy pricking yourself many times a day you can get the same result.

Just thoughts from a happy camper.

Dexcom told me my doctor and my insurance wouldn't approve. Turns out my doctor was never notified and when I called my insurance they said they wouldn't approve without my doctor's approval, which Dexcom didn't have. Dexcom was no help what so ever.

I ended up with a medtronic. I wouldn't suggest it.

The whole healthcare system including quality of care, fulfillment of Med devices and cost is hard to deal with. I’ve had issues with Dexcom who a year ago no longer was authorized to fulfill my supply orders. They blamed it on my health insurance and the process I experienced that finally get to the point of finding a distributor is too long and frustrating to relive on this blog. I’m now using G6 and have so many issues with accuracy that I’ve stoped using it for a while … just taking a time out.

Here is the problem! You may get good service than again you may not.

So…things could go easy and stress and worry free or there’s the alternative…mix ups, mess ups and worry.

It’s a fact of life now.

The only thing one can do is hope they get it whoever they are and if you have a chronic illness there are lots of them and hope it will work out.

We all have stories.

Good luck to us all!!!