Not much to with diabetes but......... deal with it!

So about 2 weeks ago I met this guy… me and my friend were out at a bar and the bartender who was working was really cute,nice, and funny and at the end of the night he got my number. Ever since then (especially that first week) we had been texting like crazy people, and it was SO nice to have someone saying such great amazing things all of the time and being so sweet and giving me so much attention. We had gone out on quite a few dates that were really fun. I went up north that weekend and he was like giving me so much attention… it was almost even TOO much. The next week while we were hanging out he was even saying things like he wanted to take me to his friends wedding in a month and a half and making plans to go on a road trip, so it seriously seemed like an amazing long term thing.

Well… this girl got PLAYED. I do not know WHAT happened, no idea. All of a sudden he seems a little distant (this Sunday), but he was sick and he was tired so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Then he kinda stopped texting so much and talking to me so much. Then I go to take a look at his facebook page to see what is going on and this guy DELETED ME FROM FACEBOOK!!! I mean seriously… SERIOUSLY… you cant just tell me you just want to be friends or something happened, but to just delete me as a friend from Facebook!?! WTF?! Well… I guess I got the hint after that

But it really ANNOYED me and i figured this guy is not going to be seeing me anymore anyways so I might as well confront him. So I did. I texted him “…did you delete me from your facebook friends?” and he texted back (FINALLY by the way because we did have plans to hang out that day) “o” “no”. Then I texted him “I dont get it… are you mad at me? Do you just want to be friends? What is going on?” …no response. So then (and I know now this might seem a little crazy or desperate at this point) I call him. Twice. No answer. What the heck! I just want to know what happened?

I just I still do not get it! What happened? I guess I can chalk it up to this guy just being a huge jerk! I think it is definitely weird… ugh i am just so annoyed! Why do guys and other people think they can just walk all over others?!

Not sure exactly what happened but I will say that men in the dating scene are sometimes VERY fickle. It could be something very small or something not even to do with YOU that sent him on his way. Who know’s? It does seem to me like he did (does?) care because he won’t man up and tell you what went wrong to your face. Seems like a very selfish way to show it but take it for what it is. I know this is difficult to do when you are looking for a relationship but usually when you stop looking and just go out to have fun these types of things find a way of working themselves out. Good luck!

he probably had another girl or something. guys like to play girls but girls also play too, it sucks but you know what forget that guy I mean you can do better dont let that doouchebag get to you… Dont show him that what hes done has effected you.

he’s a tool. don’t waste any more of your time worrying about it. he’s got ‘issues’

I could give you a big long spiel on the dynamics of men and women, and behaviors etc, but the bottom line after all that is this…
People behave from only 2 basic emotions. Love or Fear. yes, there are many other emotions we feel, but it breaks down to those 2 eventually anyway so lets just skip all the “fluff”

When someone behaves in a way that is puzzeling or strange, ask yourself … do you think this person is coming from a place of love or fear?

All negative emotions are fear based. This schmuck is afraid of something. Committent likely… but who really knows…Young men especially do this sort of thing all the time… they get involved and dont Think…and when they finally do think it scares the crap outta them and they withdraw… I wish I could tell you it gets better as you get older, but I would be lying. Men dont mature very far when it comes to matters of the heart, give them a tool belt or computer and they can build you an empire… but they just (and I dont mean all guys… but the big majority) dont have the “nads” to deal with love 24/7
They dont do it to be mean, at least most dont, they do it because they just cant compute! ( and they are kinda dumb sometimes!) LOL sorry I couldnt be of much help.