Not my friend!

Time for one of those “back in the day” stories, boys and girls!

Back in the day (circa Jan 1980) I was diagnosed with diabetes at the ripe old age of nine. My mother, who was also type 1, recognized the symptoms, and took me to the doctor who immediately sent me to hospital where I got all kinds of fun booklets about diabetes. They all infuriated me because dang! I was NINE! :wink: and they were written for idiots!

Now that I’m closer to 39 I realize that all medical booklets are written for idiots, even when they’re written for grown ups. :wink:

Any way, I found my favorite book from back in the day so I thought I’d scan the cover and post it. It’s priceless! btw, I was never convinced that Mr. Hypo was my friend!

lol…very true, but then again, they are also written BY idiots who think that everyone is just like them…
Mr. Hypo was never my friend either.

Mr. Hypo is my friend? What was that supposed to mean?

The books basic goal is to convince children that syringes (hypodermic needles) aren’t scary. And it goes on to discuss other fine subjects like never shaking Mr. Insulin Bottle so he doesn’t get bubbles and how to use clinitest kits (the urine testing kits with tablets and test tubes that got uber hot and turned orange). clinitest kits were fun! Chemistry at home and you could fake them out too. :wink: sigh good times…