Not "new" but restarting

I was diagnosed in 2002 and have managed my diabetes off and on over the years. Mostly, I’ve managed it the best while I was pregnant with my children, achieving an a1C of 5.8 (woo!!).

Since then, my husband went back to school full time and we lived off savings so I could stay home with our newborn and toddler. During that time due to finances, I wasn’t seeing a doctor or taking insulin. It all caught up with me last week. I was in the hospital with the late stages of DKA - diabetic ketoacidosis - and could have died.

Now I’m back on insulin injections and looking for support getting back into a strong, healthy diabetic lifestyle. It’s like all my knowledge has been erased from my brain. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed, sorry for myself and terribly afraid of food.


I can understand your fear and frustration! I have had diabetes since 1992 and have lived with it my whole life. GREAT job on achieving that A1C of 5.8! I’m jealous. =) I also know what it’s like to deal with the frustrations of finances and diabetes. I’m right in the middle of it right now.

It’s great that you’ve found us here on! I’ve only been a member for a few weeks now, and I’ve gained so much knowledge and support from so many people. Getting back into a healthy diabetic lifestyle was one of the reasons I became a member here! …and in the last few weeks, I can already see a change.

I’m glad you’re safe, and out of the hospital. Please, if you ever need to talk, email me and I’ll get back to ya! Welcome and you’ve come to the right place!


Thanks, I really appreciate it. I’m feeling so overwhelmed right now.

For example, I’m so hungry at the moment but I’m scared to death to eat anything. What’s safe anymore?? I don’t want to end up back in the hospital but I have to find some balance.

Hi Rubia,

Welcome to the Tu D family.

Women–we always take care of others better than we take care of ourselves. An A1c of 5.8 is awesome! You did it before, you can do it again.

Been hospitalized with DKA, too. Not much fun.

Natural to feel overwhelmed, anxious & sorry for yourself. Low carb is the way to go & then you won’t feel afraid of food. How did you control D before to have such an incredible A1c? That is, if this part hasn’t been erased:)

What type of insulin are you taking?

I’m taking Novolog Mix 70/30 twice a day but it’s not enough. My 2hr glucose is 200+. It’s a good start, considering my fasting glucose was over 400 when I went to the ER, but there will be quite a bit of adjustments to my meds to get my levels down.

I had a really great nutritionist who helped me come up with a diet regimen that balanced me out well. Snacks were white cheddar popcorn, cheese sticks, hummus w/ corn chips, a serving of fruit… I don’t remember much else of it.

I was at 809–can you imagine! I can’t tell you if this was actually a fasting number because I was out of head, near comatose & had been vomiting for two days. I’ve heard people here saying they were even higher with DKA.

Yea, that doesn’t sound like enough. Were you on Novolog when you were pregnant? SInce they diagnosed you as Type 2, what other meds are you taking?

I can’t even look at things you mentioned without my BG soaring.

Eat something high protein like cheese. Not eating isn’t good for you either.

If you don’t mind a suggestion, get Dr.Bernstein’s book “Diabetic Solution.” He’s the low carb diabetes guru & been a diabetic himself for 50 years. Switching to low carb & following his guidelines changed my life. I thought I’d be really hungry doing this, but I never am (& I was a carb junkie before being diagnosed). Lower carbs, less insulin, better control. The ADA recommendations they give us all are way too high.

I can’t even imagine 809. That is absolutely insane!

I’m trying to remember what I took while pregnant… mornings and bedtime was long acting. Then short acting pen with meals. My gut says that’s what I’ll end up going back to.

I tried Glucophage while prediabetic to help with PCOS but it didn’t do anything to lower my blood sugar and I had horrible side effects from it. We tried Avandia briefly but I got pregnant with my daughter before we were able to come to any conclusions as to its effectiveness for me. All in all, oral meds have been a bust for me.

I need the cheapest options possible right now until I can get a job with insurance.

I’ll check out the book. Yes, carbs are definitely my enemy. One thing I found interesting – the nutritionist I met with said that recent research (recent at the time) showed that corn was not a bad carb and that corn tortillas and corn tortilla chips were okay. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but in moderation, they didn’t seem to effect my blood sugar.

Anyway, my goal is 45g of carbs per meal. Being Italian, it’s like a dagger through the heart!

Hi Rubia,
Welcome. I am so glad you are here with us. You have been getting really good advice from Gerri and Katherine.
Something cheap and really good to start with is eggs. Cook them any way you want or add them to anything. They are a cheap source of protein and and will stick aorund long enough in your stomach to help the hunger. You can add cheese to them or bits of meat or vegetables… They won’t mess with your blood sugars, Then as soon as you start geting some strength back add to your menu And tiny steps at a time is just the right way to go. My best to you.

Does sound like you need to go back to your former regiment of long & rapid acting because your A1c was so great before.

There was a topic posted not long ago about getting free insulin, You could do a search to find it. There are members here who don’t have insurance.

Any type of grain, with the exception of a couple of high fiber crackers, sends my BG high. The more processed, the worse my reaction. I could never eat tortilla chips in moderation:)

Take a deep breath & hold on to your Italian heart, but you really should aim for lower than 45 carbs per meal. Unless you’re doing a ton of exercise, that’s high. Sorry!

If you go to they have several chapters from Dr. Bernstein’s book. Click on “Categories” at the top of the page & then on “Featured Writers” from the drop down menu.