Not Now!

I’m a pet sitter, and arrived a little early at a new client’s home for our “meet and greet”, so decided to sit in the car for a few minutes. I started to feel a little funky, so checked my blood sugar. It was 45! Lovely to think of going in to meet a new client sweating, shaking, and not thinking clearly. Just great. So I popped some glucose tabs and sport beans, and prayed that my BG would come up fast (10 minutes until I was supposed to meet with her). Wait, wait, wait…test…65. Good enough to go in with confidence that things were on the rise. Still feeling shaky, but I always feel shaky meeting new people. Meeting went well, great pets, and she signed everything and paid the deposit. But arghhh!!! I just hate that panicky, out of control feeling when I most need to be in control. Thanks diabetes for the reminders that I am more human than I’d like to admit.

Aren’t you lucky to have a career that allows you to be with animals. You’ve said very well what we all go through. Does anyone ever master this?..I guess that’s where the CGM comes in…
Thanks for sharing and good luck.