Not Pumping full amount

I have been haunted with high BS using 6mm quicksets on my MM722. I called MM support today and they went thru all of the setting and was short yesterday 5 units of insulin, actual vs computed amounts by pump. They are sending me out a new 722. I tried taking my meal boluses 30 mins. before eating and was going high for 6-8 hours with taking extra boluses too. Hope this works kind of frustrating these 6 weeks with these erratic BS. I even checked with a flashlight to see if I had air bubbles.

Have you also considered changing the set you use. There are many posts on this forum discussing problem folks have had with the quickset. They advocate the Sure-T and others. I have an Animas pump, so this set is not an issue with me. But you might want to consider this as part of the issue.

I have, and will ask MM to send me some samples. This will be my next step after I get my new pump.

They asked for the basal rate,boluses and under utilities daily totals for the day.