Not Quite Nolan Ryan

Diabetes is like baseball in many ways, and lately it feels as though I’ve been frequently swinging and missing. Or hitting high flies for an easy out. I’m not trying to be a clutch Designated Hitter slamming it out of the ballpark or anything, but I just want a little consistency in the results I’m generating for myself and the entire team. In a way, I’ve been pushing for some versatility as a D-Player: not only striving to score a home run or grandslam A1C, but also being able to play the rest of the field skillfully with RBI blood sugars based on exercise and stellar carb counting. I’ve been trying my best. With the help of an on-loan Minimed 523 CGM, who I’ve dubbed Larry The Loaner, I’ve been most recently going for a No-Hitter… Read more about it over at The Diabetic’s Corner Booth.

I am up to the Twins in Baseball Prospectus, w/ the draft 031911.

Other thing, from Baseball Forecaster, is that there’s only like 7 hits/ 500 AB difference between .285 and .300 but, to your agent in the show, that’s a couple million bucks, all other things being equal?

I think of my diabetes as a Cartwheel, I donn’t land on my feet all the time! haha