Not really a technology question

But more a research one. Is it really possible that there are no topics about this? Or is this a fraud?

Found this, updated April 2017:

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If you search TUD for BCG you’ll find some discussions of it as well.

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I really like the concept of many different avenues of research going on simultaneously and independently.

I am completely turned off by hype and exaggeration of things yet to come.

On this particular research I end up with a split brain.

I remember this study, I think. I remember hearing that diabetes was cured in mice. Sometimes it feels like they can cure anything in mice. Mice have all the luck.


Here are some earlier discussions on the topic: 1.) Article from 2012 - Diabetes cured in mice
; 2.) Tu Post on mice from 2012

Denise Faustman has been a major player in diabetes research for a long time; it’s not a fraud. She is a somewhat polarizing figure in the diabetes world. Some people dismiss her work as far-fetched and irrelevant while others believe very strongly in what she tries to do. She sometimes pursues lines of inquiry that other researchers treat dismissively, but she is most definitely for real and means what she says.

Personally I believe in reserving judgment about the promise of any line of investigation; we’ve been falsely encouraged only to be let down far too many times. But I also believe that everything deserves to be tried. The answer is “out there somewhere”, as Fox Mulder would say. Just because we haven’t found it yet is no reason to reject possibilities. Quite the opposite, in fact—it’s a reason to pursue them.


There have been hundreds of thousands of researchers working, and tens of billions of dollars invested, trying to find a cure for over a hundred years.

We do not have a cure yet.

That doesn’t mean that any failed attempt was “Fraud”. Fraud is a very strong word that implies wrongful or criminal deception for financial or personal gain.

I want to believe.

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In July of this year, Scott Bennet of the Juicebox Podcast interviewed Denise Faustman.


I asked my endo (who is a researcher) about this study and he said that Dr Faustman has not shared her data and that a lab in Europe could not replicate the results. He was highly skeptical.