Not sticking so well

Hey pod users!

My pod is not sticking so well when I work out. I do not want to use stuff people have mentioned that makes it stick more… what I am wondering is does anyone use a tape?

My pod only has trouble after a workout. Normally I have to tear it off! So I was hoping for a tape answer… but I will take what I can get!

Wendy, I’ve got a roll of Nexcare Flexible Clear Tape that I’ll sometimes use but I find it does get itchy fast. You can certainly try out some products, let us know if you find a good one!

Only sometimes when I am using my leg does the pod ever tend to not stick as well. The edges comesup slightly. And recently this has not been happening on my leg so i think it may be my soap that I was using. Try switching brands next time and see if that helps.

i feel like its related to my sweating because it doenst happen normally. Just after workouts.

i use the latex free tegaderm… actually not on my pump but my continous glucose monitor. it does work well…try that…

It was once recommended to me to use a “drying” soap like Irish Spring to deal with Pod loosening from sweat. This came from a gardener who spent days outside sweating. I ended up using another suggestion which was to stop using IV prep and only use alcohol which worked for Caleb so I never pursued the Irish Spring avenue.
As far as tape goes, when we need it, we use Opsite Flex Fix.

We use 3M micropore tape. We’ve used the clear regular one and the tan-colored one for sensitive skin. The sensitive skin one doesn’t stick like glue, but seems to hold the pod in place. The other thing I like about the sensitive skin one is that it doesn’t leave behind as much residue. I got it online; it wasn’t expensive.

My son uses a Coban 3M wrap when he plays sports in the summer, and also sometimes when he swims- it’s not tape, but it sticks to itself. Usually by the time he takes it off, he isn’t sweaty anymore.

so since its a wrap he uses this when he wears the pod on his arm?