Not sure what to do

I got told by my doctor that since I am allergic to the type 2 diabetes medications actos metformin januvia theres nothing he can give me to help control my BS So I’ve started riding my bicycle after meals to bring the numbers down to some what normal. But it doesn’t help when you wake up at 4am and test and your Bs is 180. I have tried to keep the numbers down by exercise and diet but its not working. I test 2 hours after I eat its usually anywhere from 150 to 205 depending on what low card meal I eat I go ride for 30 mins the numbers will go down to 50 or lower then an hour after the ride I test and the numbers are back up to around 145. I’m not sure what to to.

How can you be allergic to all diabetic medication? Sounds like your doctor hasn’t tried all of the oral ones on you. So maybe you need a new doctor before you start getting sick.

i don’t tolerate the oral meds for the most part (though glumetza atm is about the only one I’m tolerating to a degree) … but it doesn’t mean that i can’t use insulin … it might be used as a last recourse for many but thats faulty thinking i feel … if you can’t use the oral meds then insulin is a good option to get on to.

The doctor told me he could only give me Sitagliptin type meds to control my BS he prescribed the new one called onglyza it caused a very painfully bladder infection. I mentioned insulin to him he said he didn’t think it was a good idea.

Insulin is your best option. Perhaps find another doctor who’s supportive of you having more normal BG. Don’t know if this doc is endo, but most non-specialists aren’t comfortable prescribing insulin because they don’t know how to use it.

I completely agree…

I think you need to get some other medical opinions right away. Diet and excercise alone are not going to work with your numbers. You need additional tools and someone with better ideas.
I had problems with Actos, metformin and Januvia myself. However, glimeperide (Amaryl) works well for me and is a very inexpensive generic. I also inject two types of insulin and Byetta. This said, excercise is a very good low cost SUPPLEMENTAL method of treating high BG. I have a problem with arthritis in my left knee so I don’t walk or use a standard excercycle. I found the Stamina Elite Total Body Ergonometer (jazzy marketing name huh!) which provides a really good arm bike. Half an hour on this device will drop my blood sugar 50-75 points. I keep it in my bedroom. Its very quiet too. When my DexCom starts pointing up I head to the arm ergonometer for some excercise. Street price is under $600 and this is a nicely built machine.

Are you ALLERGIC or just INTOLERANT? Some people get bad side effects but aren’t TRULY allergic. In any event, I definitely think a second opinion is warranted. Byetta is sometimes an option. But there must be other medicines to try. Are you seeing a PCP or an Endocrinologist? That may make a difference there.

Are you working with a general practicioner or an endo. My GP was not confortable working with insulin patients and she told me. I had some issues with Januvia and I told her I rather be on insulin so she told me I should work with an endo. Maybe a different doctor would work for you.

Insulin is definitely an option. I had issues with oral meds and my GP sent me to an endo and got me started on insulin. Completely changed my life for the better. Never had an A1C below 7 and my last one was 6.6 on insulin. As others mentioned, there are also other meds you can take such as Byetta. If your current doc won’t go along with helping you manage your numbers, fire him/her and get one that will work WITH you not hem and haw and do nothing.

i’m not a doctor, but i don’t think “uncontrolled diabetes” is a good idea. Remeber, if you are unhappy with what your doctor is suggesting, and he is unwilling to try alternatives to his “one size fits all” approach to diabetes, you can always find a new doctor

Your doctor can try to prescribe other diabetes medications (there are others)… but insulin is the better alternative. Are you seeing an endocrinologist?

Try a slow acting insulin two shots per day and a fast acting one before meals. You can start with the slow acting only. And use you bike to cover the meal highs I was thinking of doing that. Going down to 50 is not so good so eat a bit of carb went bicycling…

It sounds like you need to be working with a doctor who is more active and willing to use all the tools available to help you manage your diabetes. A good start would be for you to have a good endochronologist and for you to learn as much as you can about diabetes so you can be your own advocate. I am a type 2 diabetic and used oral meds a first and had problems with some of them and am now on insulin. It’s not the end of the world and perhaps should not be saved for use as a last resort option. You have to use the tools that work for you.

I third that. Insulin will help.

I’m working with a PCP I asked about seeing an endochronologist but nothing came of it. I have had others mention using insulin to help keep the blood sugars in check, but when it comes to my doctor he just says I don’t think its a good idea for me. I feel if using insulin will keep my numbers normal I’m 100% all for it. I love bicycling it helped me beat the heart diease i have had for 13 yrs now. but i don’t believe its a good way to keep my blood sugar where its suppose to be.

Treat your doctor like a mechanic…we get second opinions all the time when it comes to your car your house or anything else but doctors are always held up to such a high esteem that we don’t question them. It is your health and if he will not work with you to achieve the desired result then I say move on to someone who will because for the love of me I cannot imagine a doctor who will tell you that Insulin is a bad idea and you are allergic to everything else and not think he is a quark…

If you’re diabetic and you asked to see an Endocrinologist and your PCP didn’t set it up… you need a new PCP and AN ENDOCRINOLOGIST!!! No doc in his right mind should tell you oral meds won’t work and insulin isn’t a good idea and just leave you off. That’s insane. It’s like saying: “sorry this didn’t work, guess you’re outta luck”. Please, demand that appointment with an endo and look into a new PCP. There are other medications out there, and your doc isn’t working for you.

The doctor put me on some new stuff called Glyset 25mg 3x’s a day. The first day didn’t impress me BS went even higher than when I was using my bike to control it. The side effects weren’t a real joy either. He did consider insulin depending on my A1c and I won’t get the results from the test till tuesday.

I finally got some straight answers from my doctor according to him he put me on the glyset to help my pancreas because its starting to fail and the medication will help give it a rest. My A1c has dropped to 5.0 which took alot of work on my part to make happen. He said this is the last resort before he puts me on insulin so I will give it a fair shot and see how everything works out.