Not sure what to think

I am currently like 7 weeks pregnant....and went to the OB this morning for an ultra sound....He sai he saw a little heart beat but was unable to measure anything.....Then he told me he saw some bleeding an wasn't sure if it was because the fetus was attaching to the uterus or if I was goin to misscarry :( He has me coming back in next Thursday for another ultrasound.....Any words of advice ladies?

Hi Swozze -- Sorry to hear about this. I don't have any advice, but just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you!

Let us know how it goes next week!

Hoping for the best!

well thank you....I have no bleeding stil but have been supper sore....and what not.....I am sure its because of the u/s but still makes you worry.....I see the peri on Wednesday an my OBGYN on Thursday so I am hoping for good news

Wow…I sure hope that you feel better soon and that you get some good news…hugs