Nothing at all to do with Diabetes

Apart for my ailments/conditions or what you want to call them my life has been filled with tiny feet so small you can hardly see them first step the first word hopeing it would be daddy but usually ga ga but that is close enough for me,the running around the house worrying where they have vanished too,finding them half way up the stairs not able to walk yet, the sleepless nights the teething ,measles ,mumps and all those things that get into or onto your skin face neck ears toes well everywhere, the first day at school the crying at the school gate the sibbling the squabbling he hit me she hit me first looking back these were all part of the growning up game,no one prepares you to be a parent you might pick up habbits from mom and dad in my case very bad habbits room full of smoke from fags smoked one after the other or coming in having a skin full (drunk) and fighting like a cat and dog,something we vowed never to do, well drink and smoke every couple has little tiffs big tiffs and volcano tiffs but in the light of the next day a kiss a cuddle usually sorts that out, althoug hI have noticed women rarely forget a thing and the next tiff you get it bown in your face again,the endless bunches of flowers I am sorry love it was all my fauly but thinking you started it but for peace and quite men have to make these sacrifices,tough life being a man,come on all you wonderful women stop falling about laughing we like to think we are the stronger sex but kid you not my Angel can knock socks of me and cook dinner and mend socks at hte same time.

The only thing I can remember about Christmas is Christmas dinner we sat feet of floor as it was still wet a tray on our laps eating our turkey dinner cranberry roast potatoes sprouts pigs in blankets and our girls insited on yorkshire puddings to go with it, for that precious memory alone 2010 will still be a happy one for me,nothing like being a dad and having your kids around you, the only regret is that I cannot od it all over again,my grandchildren fill some of my space and I often see our own kids in there faces doing what they did so all is not lost,for in the end what are we usually with a broken body unable to do anything for ourselves but having a mind as sharpe as a new penny or should that be shiny as a new penny, anyone out there run a course for old foggies like me to learn spelling,invitations on snail mail care, if it sounds right it is right Shropshire.

I lost my vovw never to smoke I guess 17 years of living in a smoked filled room with mom and dad kinda lead me down that path,as for drinking i have had one or two too many in my youth come home with no shirt or on one occassion no pants all part of growing up where I was born and bred environment does shape you no doubt about it,bad habbits linger around like the Devil in the desert tempting our Lord, but I suppose being human you have certain traits handed down from generation to generation and no matter how hard you try they can surface sometimes as they did with my ancestors in the past.

Shoulders hurting but tried to stay clear of my problems for a short while,the last of the ducks have left our living room a bit too dry for them the swan has gone back to the River 7 Iin Ironbridge,the last of the turkey has been binned and we are finally fed up with finger food double sausage eggs and chips is waht I fancy right now runny eggs sausages done to a crisp and chips like mom use to make,smudge is sitting here looking up at me so I guess i t is time to go she is rubbing my legs well scenting me I have been told by a moggy expert,I like to think she is bonding with me but waht do I know,twiddlemthumbs over and out.