Novolin R and Pumps

Thanks for your response. I am mostly considering this for the use of Tandem pump and lapt swimming once I go on Medicare this summer. I am in touch with the regional Tandem Rep now who is also an athlete and she may be able to help me use the t-Slim2 while lap swimming with a specialized bag to improve the watertight nature of the pump.
Interesting that my body is the opposite. I need more Lantus during the day because of stress at work! I tend to have more lows at night. Smile.

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I own one of the AquaPac microphone cases that does work to keep pump dry. But it is quite large and somewhat buoyant so I mostly hate it. Also, if you don’t close it absolutely correctly (user error), water gets into it as I learned the last time I used mine. If I were a daily swimmer I would be very apt to do the untethered regimen as long as I had a reliably safe place to store my pump while swimming. The downside of the untethered regimen with t:slim is that by having part of your basal injected, you somewhat reduce the ability of Control IQ to prevent lows and highs. Of course the advantage of untethered is that you always have some basal insulin on board when Control IQ thinks it is a good idea to suspend your insulin for long periods of time. It is all an ongoing experiment. .