Novolog issue/obstruction in the Minimed 2200 pump

For the past 4 weeks I have been experiencing continuous high blood sugars, as well as numerous (minimum of 6x a day) no delivery alarms, where normally my blood sugars are under good control. I use the paradigm minimed-2200, and I have called the company and troubleshooted the device multiple times, ordered new quick sets, reservoirs, changed my site, tried a new pump, changed my Novolog vial, and am still having continuously high blood sugars even after manual injections. After doing all of this, I feel that the problem is with the Novolog (I’ve only used 2 different vials, so I’m thinking it may have been a bad batch). I’m just curious to see if anybody has dealt with this? If so, was it a problem with the insulin? If not, can you tell me what you did to fix the problem?


The no delivery alarm muts be a pump issue, I dont see how that would be an issue with the insulin. Also if manual injections wont lower you, one of two things is likely

  1. The insulin has lost potency (heat and or time)
  2. Perhaps you have had an increase in your insulin needs and need to adjust basal and bolus

I would work on getting rid of the no delivery alarms first and minimed should help you with that, if not I would report to the FDA.

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