Now my husband has to see an Endo

He had bloodwork back in November (me badgering him cause he never sees a MD) and he has low TSH level, finally saw our internist and she did more bloodwork and she called tonight to say he needs to go see an endo, but not mine, because my endo is a pediatric endo.

She said all his new bloodwork is normal including all hormones, and thyroid, so he needs to go to endo because there might be something wrong with his pituitary gland, which is causing this low TSH. She stated this could be normal for him or perhaps the pituitary gland is stressed. I said stressed, she said perhaps small tumor or just normal for him, oy!!! I did not ask any further questions, because I was so unfamiliar with what she was saying to me. Of course I have been on internet since the call, researching. My husband of course does not worry, says everything is fine.

I will now worry.

Interesting. I’ve run into a couple of thyroid people but I don’t know anything about it. Good luck w/ all the visits!! I was extremely pleased w/ Dr. Reddy during my recent excursion into cardioland, she was cool and laid back about it but positive and recommended things w/o being too heavy. I think she does thyroid stuff too and is a grown up. Although she is not tall. I wondered about all the pharmeceutical sales people (4 or 5 in my last visit!) all wearing 4" heels to try to talk to a doctor who is like 5’ 2" tall? If he wants a laid-back, grown up endo (I think they are affiliated w/ Edward…) she is a good doc IMHO. 17 test strips/ day too…

I just looked up the endo my MD suggested and guess what???

He is a Type 1 Diabetic. If we can’t get into this dude right away I will suggest Dr. Reddy.

Wow! That’s a neat find. Although I would think he’d want a doc w/ some sort of hypothyroid situation?

He got in 6/10 and I believe this endo does both. I am worried since he got in so quickly either MD is not good, or they want to find out what is going on.

I think we will keep this appointment see what the dude says and see what further testing is needed.