Now what do I do with them?

Today’s readings are weird. I’m still not sure what I am looking at or for or what to do when or if whatever.

bedtime test (12:15am) 123
Woke up with a migraine 7am 9hr fast of 116
before lunch and after nap (11:59am) 114 (had only the pb on bread with a coke for “breakfast”)
2hr after lunch (2:16pm) 97 (I had also exercised just prior to this)
2hr after dinner (8:30) 111

These are sound like they are good, aren’t they? 9hr fast of 116 is good, right? Is it the exercise that made the after lunch reading to be 97? There was only, like, half an hour between the exercise and the reading.

I see the nutritionist/dietitian tomorrow morning (whatever possessed me to make a morning appt?!). Hopefully she’ll have some useful information for us. I’ve planned it so I can get a good 12hr fasting glucose in the morning. We’ve got a lot planned to do tomorrow so I’ll probably only be able to test in the morning then again before dinner. I’ll take the meter with me so that if I start to feel wonky, I can test. That’s my main goal, is to match symptoms with glucose readings. Do I feel wonky because glucose is high? Low? Normal so something else is up? Blah blah blah. I can see this is going to be a wild trip.

I am loving the GlucoseBuddy app. The chart is useless at this point. I am also entering the data into a spreadsheet.

And today I tried the trial version of Calorie King software. After just a few minutes, I went online and ordered it. No more reading labels and writing it down! I’d already ordered the book so today I made another order for the software and one of the diabetic books. Can’t remember the title.

Oh! And I exercised today on my pedal machine! I really pushed it, too. Only 5 mins forward and 1 min backward BUT I maintained 16-18mph. That’s not much calories but hey, it’s all I can do. I will be increasing it to 2x a day Saturday. If my bod can handle that, I’ll raise it to 3x a day.

Wondering if I should get a scale. Not sure I want to not see the needle move, ya know?

Love your dog’s photo. What a cutie!

I don’t think your readings are strange, but I don’t know what others you’re comparing them to.

Remember that meters have a margin of error of ±20%. Your readings are very consistent throughout the day. Your numbers aren’t high or low, so feeling wonky may be related to something else.

Morning fasting should be under 100.

How about this. 6am bs 95. Eat and run to work. uh oh, never took my insulin. Too late for Humalog, so just took Lantus. Still
6 hours later bs is 85. inject and have lunch. eat a handful of pretzels at my dad’s house. bs at 530 pm shoots up to 222. give extra humalog as a corrective. eat dinner. don’t feel good driving home. bs 730pm 55. Hey, how many carbs were in that dinner? not enough, apparently. took some yuck-tose tabs, bs now 83. check again at bedtime bs 139. Are you having fun too?

I’m having so much fun. Like, you know, wow.

Had a bad night’s sleep but the fasting glucose (about 12 hrs) was 99. So I just squeaked under!

Got a headache again but not as bad. Probably will get a new head pillow today.

Gonna leave for the visit to the nutritionist/dietitian in a few minutes. If she/he brings out the food pyramid, I’m gonna pitch a fit.