Nuco coconut wraps


I’m curious if anyone has tried this product. I just bought it off Amazon as I was interested in using it in place of bread. It’s a little thin to do that, but I’m interested in what breakfast and lunch recipe ideas people may have. I think this should be a great option for me when travelling, since it seems durable and doesn’t require refrigeration or reheating! They also make a cereal that I’m gonig to try to track down for use when travelling only.


We haven’t used it, but it does look good! We like coconut flour in recipes, so this might be something to have as an alternative in recipes that call for tortilla shells. We really like this crab quesadilla recipe, but the tortilla shell was hard to cover for me. Thanks for sharing!


These are more like wraps than shells. I still haven’t tried one (I bought the cinnamon flavour, so am trying to think of what I can make with it for breakfast tomorrow), but they definitely seem pliable rather than stiff.