Nuggets of Wisdom

The goal of this discussion is to collect in one place some gems -- pithy quotations about living with diabetes that say it like it is. I'll kick things off with some excerpts from Riva Greenberg's talk to us on Friday, February 1.

"February is my 41st diaversary -- my 41st year of living with Type 1 diabetes."

"How many of you think that diabetes is the leading cause of heart disease, blindness, kidney disease, and amputation? You’re wrong. ['How could we be wrong? It’s all we hear, all we read.'] Poorly controlled diabetes is the cause of those outcomes. Well controlled diabetes is the cause of nothing."

"Most people don’t feel listened to."

"Health care providers are trained to heal and cure acute illness, so most of them really haven’t got a clue how to help and support patients with a chronic condition like diabetes."

"It’s all about building emotional resilience, because half of this condition is knowing all the medical stuff you have to know to deal with this condition, and the other half is dealing with the emotional part -- to get up every day and do it again . . . it’s not easy."

"What’s wrong with insulin? Everybody has insulin. I just have to put it back in my body."

Advice for health care providers: "Create a compassionate partnership with your patient. You’re a team. There’s two experts in the room—you, and your patient. And your patient is an expert on themselves, their life, their condition, what they’re doing, how things are going. It should be a meeting of two experts in a compassionate partnership . . . look at what’s working, and build on what’s working."

That should get things started. Please add to this list with the "nuggets" you've encountered in your own journey.

from our founder Manny Hernandez's recent keynote address to Joslin

"No one with diabetes should ever feel alone"

"Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of the 21st Century"

"What can you do to connect more people with diabetes? Seek for more and innovative connections"

Here is one from a local support group meeting:

"Replace the 'I' with 'We' and illness becomes wellness"

that is excellent!

"We have already cured thousands of mice; it is time we started curing some people." "ViaCyte's Chief Scientific Officer, Kevin D'Amour, responded positively when I asked him if it was appropriate to use the word "cure" in regards to their project..."

These quotes came from the following blog:

"Eat to your Meter"

"The numbers simply tell us what to do next."

Some words of wisdom need to be big:)

"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out."

- Anton Chekhov

It is, but I LOVE THAT!!! It is so right on.

"Diabetes in any form subverts the doctor's traditional role, ultimately placing the patient in charge."

James S. Hirsch, Cheating Destiny (New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006)

If you have a bad result correct and move on - my endo

I hear you DNS, med prof can sometimes be it of touch.

To the health provider, or anyone who does not understand T1D, “Let me educate you.”

I figure if the tattoo on their forehead says educate me, I don’t miss the opportunity. Kind of hard nose, but that’s part of why I’ve had success, mostly, for 42+ years as a T1D.