Numbers (Manny asked me to share this here!)

Twenty seven thousand, four hundred.

That’s approximately how many needles I have had since diagnosis.

Forty three thousand, eight hundred.

That’s approximately how many fingerpricks I have done since diagnosis.

Two hundred and nineteen thousand.

That’s approximately how many units of insulin I have taken since diagnosis.

One hundred and thirty thousand, eight hundred.

That’s approximately how many hours I have survived since the doctors said I wouldn’t.

I million.
That’s approximately how many times a day I praise God for the gift of life, the friends I have made, and the things he has managed to teach me through Diabetes.

The numbers are everything.
The numbers are nothing.

I guess it’s time to take it in my stride.

Considering that most test strips run btw 60 cents and a buck a peice—(using a factor of 75 cents) that would have cost you about $32,000 if you didnt have insurance. Jiminy Cricket—

WOW! Very poetic and astounding. Things seems so small while managing on a daily basis, but in a larger perspective that leaves me speachless.