Numbers, numbers

I took a few minutes to put my "statistics" on my profile page, though I can't find some of them... perhaps I wrote them on the office visit receipts. What it did bring to light to me, however, is that I am overdue for lab tests.

In addition to the diabetes, and like so many others, I have complications. In October (2006) I started taking Vytorin for high cholesterol. Total was 231, LDL was 160, and HDL was 53. In January 2007, they didn't send me the HDL number, but the total was down to 158, LDL was down to 87, and Triglycerides was 69. I am a bit worried for this to be tested again... I have not been taking the Vytorin as I felt it was upsetting my stomach. I took it at bedtime, and I would wake up with stomach pain night after night. Since the numbers had come down without me taking it regularly from October to December, I thought I would just see how the numbers were when I went in April, but they didn't check cholesterol. Now it's been 10 months, and with my slacking on my dieting, I'm betting it's up again.