Numbing etc

I am having alot of problems with my hands (palms) and 2 outside fingers keep going numb, could it be from work ,computers all day or from (D).


I have the same thing. It has to do with the nerves in your elbow. Not sure root cause, just know I may have to have surgery…

Wow i have exactley the same thing, I have another condition called Charcot Marie Tooth that affects the hands but i have the same symptoms as you which makes me think it is the Diabetes now, Thanks for posting your problem!!!

I have the same thing! In my finger tips and my hands… sometimes my feet too. I mentioned this to my Endo but she said it wasn’t Diabetes related, if it were then it would be more at night, laying in bed, wake you up type of thing. It’s probably more caused by poor circualation…carpal tunnel stuff. Did you know you could get that in your feet too?

Just had a visit with orthopedic surgen yesturday have to have surgery for what they call trigger finger my finger is stuck apperently a common problem with diabetics they have to repair tendon it started off with going numb to being stuck just one more thing to add the lst off problems with the big D