Numbing etc

I am having alot of problems with my hands (palms) and 2 outside fingers keep going numb, could it be from work ,computers all day or from (D).


Odie, I’m new to this group and to diabetes, but I have experienced numbness in my feet for two years and fingertips for the past year. I was in End Stage Renal Disease for four years and on peritoneal dialysis for all that time. It involved putting two liters of dextrose solution in my belly (peritoneum) which drew impurities from my blood. After several hours, I would drain it and replace it with fresh solution. I explain this because no one ever told me that the dextrose also went back into my blood stream causing my pancreas to overwork to keep up with the sugar. One of the side effects of this dextrose was a condition known as renal neuropathy. Many diabetics experience neuropathy for similar reasons - too much sugar, which seems to attack the long, axial nerves in the extremities. This may be what you’re experiencing, so talk to your endo. There are medications that can relieve the effects.

Definitely let your doctor know. Take frequent break when using computer - every hour or more frequent - do some finger & wrist exercise.