Numerous Issues this last week?

Hi All,

So this past week, I have been having some major issues getting my BGs under control. A little background:

1. Last week, I switched from Apidra to Humalog
2. I've been suffering from some sinussy stuff for the last few weeks (actually had to get a CT scan cause the doctor can see something up there - a polyp or whatever).
3. My sinuses and my high BGs, plus work have my nerves going nuts.

So since Friday, I've been having a really hard time keeping my numbers under 170, and I am taking 30-50% more humalog than apidra. So below is Saturday night:

8:00pm - 127
12:15am - 147 - Its been 4 hours since I shot up
4:30am - 298 - This is offically the highest number I have ever seen
4:30am - took 2 units
7:30am - 257
7:30am - took 2 more units
10:00am - 197
10:00am - ate a half a slice of toast and eggs, and took 3 more units which is three times what I would have taken for Apidra
12:00pm - mowed the yard and got my heart up - 175 afterwards.

Anyways, the trend continues. In the middle of the night now, three times, I have taken 2 units and the next time I check 2-3 hours later, its the same number. I'm not sure if my basal went bad (its been out of the fridge for about 1 1/2 weeks - but this is what I ahve always done), the humalog isn't working well, or the stress?

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Jason

Both the illness and the stress could combine to keep you high. I notice you took 2 units to bring down the 298. What is your ISF? It sometimes takes more than the usual ISF to bring down a really high number.

I have never left insulin about of the fridge, but I do wonder if your insulin is bad? Do you have any other that's in the fridge that you can switch to?

Hi Zoe, Thanks for your response. You know, I've never really seen a change in my BGs due to stress - nothing that I have ever noticed. But maybe I am seeing it now.

My correction ratio is 50/1, however, soemtimes at night, I've seen it go up to 100/1. So thats why I went with the 2 units. It kind of freaks me out a little to take more than 2 units and go back to sleep.

I do have another pen in the fridge, I'm going to crack it out tonight.

Any thoughts on the Humalog? Is there any reason to think that my requirements would be 50% higher compared to teh Apidra?

Thanks, Jason

Could probably be a combo of everything. The only component you can actually test is your Apidra use. Can you go back to Apidra, even for a little bit? Maybe your doc office can spot you a sample, at least until your sinus issue clears up and work gets a little less crazy.

We've all been there at one point or another. Good luck!

Well, it seems that I will be able to do that test. I called around to a bunch more Pharmacies, and I found a box of pens! I'm so excited because this should get me through the shortage. I'm not sure if this will fix my problem, but at least it will make me happy about one variable.


I don't know about Humalog, but I've never heard anyone mention that the doses are different than Apidra, only the duration. Yes, I know what you mean about correcting before bed! Mine varies too - 1:40 during the day but 1:60 at night. Glad you found some Apidra pens and hope it resolves soon.