Nutrients lost from modified diets?

How do you get back all the stuff that you lose from everything that you try to cut out of your diet??? I try to eat as much protein and veggies as I can but when it comes to fruit, I don’t always eat it due to the spikes that I get after. Do you take supplements and which ones are best??? There are so many out there, it’s hard to find one that works for you (me). I did find one at Costco that is specifically for Diabetics but it is SSSSSOOOO expensive…what to do???

Hi Samantha,
I know what you mean about the blood sugar spikes with fruit. I am also limited about the amount of potassium I can have so that eliminates some of the fruit. But the one that I seem to tolerate best of all is blueberries. I get the antioxidants, no seeds and seems to be less sugar in them for me. I usuallly have a half cup at a time. I also supplement with the vitamin C and the other things my doctor says he wants me to take. But I guess the biggest one I take is ground flax seed. My doctor told me there is a study underway that the lignans in ground flax seed may improve my kidney function. So it seemed there was nothing to lose and everything to gain if I tried it. So far I am two months into our trial and my first blood test after starting the ground flax has shown a small improvement. He asked me to give it 6 months. I use 6 Tablespoons a day and if things continue to improve I will be singing and dancing for this simple addition. I should also say that there are large numbers of omega 3’s in flax seed as well. Anyway, blueberries seem like a good bet for me.for fruit.

I find that I can get all the nutrients found in fruit without spiking by eating colored peppers, greens, tomatoes (in reasonable amounts) and fresh and frozen berries.

I’ve been eating reduced or low carb for 10 years, and my health, not including diabetes and some orthopedic problems I developed before diagnosis is excellent. I can’t remember the last time I had a cold that involved more than a day of slight discomfort. My doctor keeps sending me for heart tests because he’s sure I must have heart disease having diabetes and being almost 60, but I have tested normal on everything they’ve given me.


There really is no need to take expensive multivitamins. The marketing for these products is so deceptive. And there is accumulating evidence that supplementing any nutrient with pills can be dangerous, because all the nutrients depend on other food-borne ingredients to be effective and to be taken in the correct balance.

Even worse, the pill supplements often do NOT contain what they say they do, and may contain toxins from the manufacturing process. Most supplements sold by American companies use chemicals actually manufactured in China.

I have put together a page that provides links to the better conducted research about supplements and you will see that while supplement-company supported research makes a lot of claims, few hold up under scrutiny by researchers not paid by the supplement purveyors.

Here are the pages which give the research results:

Bad or Questionable Supplements

Supplements that Work

My personal belief is that the money spent on supplements would be much better spent on fresh greens and low glycemic vegetables, ideally those locally grown by farmers who use organic techniques.