Nutrition and exercise coaching

I'm trying to find a personalized coach to help me in weight gaining (exercise, nutrition) and T1 management, any recommendations?

How much weight do you want to gain and why?

Ginger Vieria has written several books and was a weight lifter herself. She understands diabetes and exercise. And she does personal coaching. She's one of us!

Yes, she was my first choice but I think she's pretty busy and not taking new clients.

I'd like to get some muscle mass, I'm 1.78 cm and 58 Kg, My goal would be to put on 5 - 10kg

I would recommend that you undertake a strength training program and eat lots of protein and calories. I really like the program "Starting Strength." Ginger would be a great person to help, but according to her website she isn't taking additional clients. I was able to put on muscle mass by adding protein shakes (I bought protein powder at Costco) in the morning and before workouts as well as eating aggressively after workouts.

Thanks, Ginger recommended this guy - - looks pretty good.

Hi! When I first started exercising with diabetes it was a struggle... but such amazing results!! You get better at it. :)