Nutritional scale

Well, I wanted to get an eatsmart nutrition scale. But it was out of my price range so I looked up some others and got the 3480L BL scale. Because it weighs liquids too.I thought this would help me to know more exactly how many carbs I am eating at meals. I have to send this one back to get it recalibrated. I was just wondering what other nutritional scales others use and like.

I love my EatSmart scale & have had it for years. Beautifully made & designed. You can get a $10 discount at & the company makes a donation to the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

I use a straightforward digital kitchen scale. It has a "tare" function, where you can put a container on, return the scale to zero and weigh the contents.
I'm good at Maths, so I don't need the scale to do the work for me. I weigh liquids too, by "taring" the container and assuming that most liquid foods weigh approximately 1 gram per cm cubed[ the weight of water]
It's all about the degree of accuracy that's appropriate. You are in a kitchen, not a chem lab, so accuracy to several places of decimals isn't necessary. Even accuracy to the nearest whole number isn't. In any case the composition of foods is bound to be variable, so accuracy won't help.