Nypd pat

Hello folks!

This is my first post so be easy :D I am 25 Years old and found out in September I am T1. I think that I have taken it pretty well and adjusted my diet accordingly. Since beginning Insulin (Fast acting 3xpd Long Lasting 1xpd) Prior to diagnoses I had all of the classic symptoms, as a result I had stopped working out and sitting around a lot. I am regaining energy, focus and am just feeling better in general. Since I was little I wanted to be a police officer, now I am living in New York City and need to give it a try, before i do this i need to know I am in the best condition I can be to give me a fighting chance.

Now that I have overly prefaced this question to death, does anyone have any advice for me, needing to get in to shape to take this physical test? Or does anyone know any diabetic Police Officers?

I do not want to have this be an excuse for not being able to do something.. Also I am 188 pnds 6 ft 3 just about the right BMI so I am not overweight.

Thank You

I did a bit of a Google search, since my initial instinct was that they'd say no. It turns out that it's variable, depending on whether you're "controlled" or not (no, I don't know what their criteria for control are). I assume their decision will have a lot to do with what your doctor tells them.

I don't have any advice for getting into shape, since exercise and I aren't friends and never were. I highly recommend the book "Think like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner for many reasons, but one of them is to help you manage your BG as it pertains to exercise. He trains T1's in exercise for a living, so I think that might be a start.

I wish you the best of luck. Life with D isn't easy, but it sounds like you're in a good place. This site is a great resource.

I think my Dexcom is a lifesaver. If you are covered by insurance, or can afford it, I highly recommend it. Exercise is tough on BG's. When I work out, I check my Dexcom probably about 5 to 8 times in an hour. I'm so much more comfortable staying at a healthy BG when I know I'll get an alarm if I start to go low. I don't mind going to bed at night if my BG is between 90 and 100. With this tool, I believe that all of the changes you want to make will be much easier and safer.

This sounds great! Thank you all very much :slight_smile: unfortunately I am in insured right now and doing all of this out of pocket. I will make it work and you all are being so helpful :slight_smile: