NYT Series: The Digital Doctor

Nerd that I am, I'm in love with this NYT series on technology in medicine (called "Digital Doctor," although I think it should be renamed "Digital Doctor and Patient"). I've read pretty much every article and can't help but think how it relates to the DOC. I'm including not only our use of the obvious technologies (pumps, CGMs, apps, etc) but also the DOC. I think it's safe to say that many of us rely on the DOC for informal, but informed, medical advice.

Anyone else catch this series? Thoughts?

I hadn't caught it previously (I'm saving my NYT "points" for 538...) but it looks really interesting. I think the amount of data involved with managing diabetes, even haphazardly, makes it a clear "winner" (ha ha) as the "best" (ha ha again) disease to use digital tools for management.

I agree. It’s a serious condition that requires far more work by the patient than the doctor and relies heavily on data to make tiny, constant adjustments. Sometimes, I’m amazed at all the stuff I just know to do based on my data (which I can only aggregate and keep track of with technology).