Obsessed with pokemans!

Whats up TuDiabetes? First off, I’d just like to thank everyone who supported me in my last blog! You guys gave me some good stories and most of you liked my blog. So, I thought I’d make another one! Also, a lot of you sent your condolences to my missing Playstation 2 and I appreciate that. Luckily, a few days after my PS2 got stolen, My grandma bought me a new one. I felt like crap though because she spent like $200 on everything and she just doesn’t have that money.

Well, on a different subject, there’s a lot of things that make me happy. Like:

Soft fluffy puppies
Yellow lab puppies Pictures, Images and Photos

Ice cold soda
Coke in a bottle Pictures, Images and Photos

pokemon - small Pictures, Images and Photos
What?! Pokemon?

That’s right folks! Pokemon is definetely one of my favorite things ever! I mean, cmon I was an original PokeKid! I watched the first episodes with Ash Ketchum in the Kento region! (And by the way, if you’re a younger kid, or even an older kid on this site and you don’t know what the Kento region is, good for you.) Haha! Well anyways, I even saw the first episode when Ash gets his Pikachu, ah, good times! And I still know most of todays Pokemon too. I’m not some guy that just dwells in the past. Yep, I know Cacnea, Piplup, Torterra, Rotom, Carnivine, and Staravia!

The reason I bring this up is because yesterday my grandma spent more money she doesn’t have (sigh -_-) to get me Pokemon cards, which of course, made me happy! :smiley: She got me a few booster packs like Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. Oh by the way, I have a question for anyone who might play this game or know about the cards. Well, you know those rare shiny cards that are actually worth something? Yeah, the one’s that shine and are the ones you never want to bend! I believe they’re called foil cards. Well how messed up is it that I got a Weedle foil card?! I mean c’mon, Weedle is the weakest pokemon in all of Pokemon! Seriously, Nintendo basically just gave me a shiny, polished pile of poop! Yes, it may be pretty… but it’s still poop!

Well anyways, here’s my question for this blog. What is it that you obsess over, or is there anything that brings you temporary joy when you get it? Maybe it’s a piece of cake, or a kiss from that special someone. :wink: If you can’t or don’t answer that question than here’s my alternate question. Do you think it was wrong of me to let my Grandma spend $200 on a new PS2 and games? Be honest, I wont get mad. :slight_smile:random guy “Yeah I think it was wrong…” >:( WHY YOU NO GOOD SONUVA @%#$^! I’M GONNA @#%$ WITH #^$% AND #^$%…
Sorry 'bout that. Anyways, leave a comment answering any question you want. Also, did anyone do the 14K people check their BG thing a few days ago? I didn’t do it, but I wanted to know if I was the only uncooperative soul out there. D:
Haha! Ok, looking forward to seeing your comments, see ya around guys!