Occlusion after the shower

I never get an occlusion alarm except when bolusing after a shower. Does this happen to anyone else? Any ideas why? I do disconnect before and reconnect after the shower.


Haven't had this happen yet. The infusion sets do include the separate "shower clips" to plug into the cannula when you disconnect. I have not been using these and have not been avoiding roughly shower gelling over the cannula site, but have not had a problem. Sorry I cant help more. I do notice water shoots out of the cannula when plugging back in, but the set is basically a needle that plugs into the cannula site so it realistically doesnt seem concerning.

When filling, if I am filling the cartridge with 220, I put 220 units of air into the syringe, inject into the vial, then turn over the vial and let the syringe fill itself. Clean out air bubbles. Fill cartridge. When filling the tubing, I flick the luer lock to get rid of bubbles during filling. Seems to be working fine so far.


Not sure if you are using Apidra insulin but the site discusses the problem with that insulin and the T:Slim. it suggests changing insulin type .I use Novolog and have never had a problem with occlusions.