Occlusion occurred?

Hey everyone ! I’ve been on the pump for about two weeks I’m on omnipod and twice I’ve been alarmed with an alert that tells me an occlusion as occurred and to change out pod ASAP! Had anyone else ha these my doc told me its blood in the cannula … Is there a way to prevent this??? It’s getting aggravating!!!

Hi! I've been using the omnipod and had some occlusions in the beginning. I'm not positive what caused them, but there are a few things I changed that stopped them from happening. It's been at least three months since I've had one.

I started shaving the spot I would be placing the pod. I'm a woman, and only had that fine, almost invisible hair on my abdomen, arms and upper thighs, but I think the combination of removing the hair and the slight exfoliation shaving gives helped a lot. It certainly helped with adhesion and removal.

I also make sure I put it on a spot that gets little movement. I got the most occlusions when the pod was on my belly, so before sticking it on, I always contort my body for a minute to check if the spot on my abdomen creases or stretches much in different positions. Some areas may stay smooth while standing and sitting, but scrunch or pull when you reach behind you, or lean over to pick something up.

Of course, too much pressure or bangs to the pod can cause occlusions too. If I put it on my arm or leg, I sleep with a pillow on that side of my body so I can't roll over on it. While it seems safe to lay on the pod while I'm awake, I think the motion of rolling over onto it while asleep was causing problems.

Good luck!

Oh, I forgot...

I also stopped pinching my skin up when putting a new one on, I just stick it on and press it down while it inserts. It works better for me, and is less painful, but I have plenty of fat. If you don't have much fat in the area, that may not work well for you.

In a year on the pod, I've never had an occlusion alarm.

Yah I had a rep call me today and I mentioned this to her and she said if its where tissue blocks the tube that can occur and when I workout to tape up to Mae it extra secure I just have wasting pods and insulin

I’ve only had one occlusion in the four months I’ve been on OmniPod. It happened on the first, now only, time I put it cannula side down on the back of my arm.

The system rudely woke me up with a continuous alarm during my planned last hour of sleep. I was really irritated at the time but soon realized that that is better than not knowing my insulin delivery had stopped.

I don’t know if installing it upside down had anything to do with the occlusion. That site did leave an inflammed nodule that took about a week to resolve.