Occlusions on omni pod

Hello! I am new to tudiabetes, so bear with me! My 13-year-old son has been using the omni pod system for about two years. He has started getting numerous occlusions. He is fairly lean - doesn’t have a lot of “real estate.” A nurse told me that the omni pod works better for adults than children. My husband also uses an omni pod, and has very few problems. I am wondering if we should look at another pump, such as the ping or mini med. Anyone out there with similar experiences that can help shed some light on this particular problem? Thanks! Elizabeth

I don’t have personal experience but wanted to share that when I got my OmniPod about a year and a half ago, the Insulet rep told me that children were the vast majority of their users. Interesting . . .

Might be worth a call to Insulet Customer Service to see if they have suggestions. Could it be a batch of bad pods?

Wish I could help more . . .


I have found that some of my occlusions happen at the same spot that has worked fine for me numerous times before. My problem has been either a faulty pod, or because I have not ‘pinched’ the skin correctly during insertion of the cannula. I’m not sure if this could be attributing to your son’s problem or not…

My son is 6 and has been using the OmniPod for over 2 years. We almost never have an occlusion these days. I don’t remember the last time we did. Are you using a different site location?

Caleb is 6 and I would consider him lean as well. His belly works well and his back. I find on his back if I place it closer to his side, there is more softness there and it works well. But I have also used in inside portion of his back which really has no meat at all and it works. I hope the issues resolve themselves. We do not “pinch” upon insertion. That has failed for us the couple of times we did it. Instead I push it in a little at insertion and we have always had success that way.

Just curious… you mention that the sure-t’s can be moved - how? Do you use some sort of adhesive like mastisol to re-stick them in a new spot?