Occlusions with omnipod and gravity/ supine vrs. upright for bolus?

I think i saw something on here about this. I spoke with omnipod this morning two fail to start pods last night and an occlusion this morning. we also had one last sunday i believe when i went in to jacob's bedroom with his PDM and had him do his bolus in bed and then went to make pancakes and beeeeeeep occlusion. does anyone think it might be related to doing a bolus while lying down?? we had a really good stretch for a while 3 in a row now in two day! omnipod said the position isnt related and the occlusion was more likely related to scar tissue. possible jacob doing his own pod change last night and a bubble in the insulin. he is so sensitive, we went out last night and he did his pod change alone (grammy was over but she is not in the know) when we came home she said is was very quiet, now i know why he couldnt throw the beeping pod around with her here. in anycase better mood now, just curious about the positioning during bolus. oh and new pods coming soon, the rep said probably march!! thanks for any input. amy


I think I'd go along with the Insulet folks and chalk it up to pod placement rather than position while delivering a bolus.

It's fantastic that Jacob is picking up the responibilty though. If you've had problems with pod placement in the past, there will probably be a bit of a learning curve there.

thanks for the input, just a stretch of bad luck i guess and a little belly overuse. looking foward to the new pods!