Odd side effect from DKA

I was recently hospitalized for DKA. I was battling two infections at the same time, and my blood sugar went haywire. I was in bed for two days without fluid or insulin and develped pneumonia. My A1C shot to 12.9.

I have since brought my sugars way down, for which I am happy as a clam. I have some residual pain as my nerves are healing, which I hear is “normal”. Oddly, I have also been freezing cold, even though we are going through a heat wave. Has anyone else experienced this? I’m talking chilly all the time, drinking hot tea with a blanket and cuddling with my husband to stay warm.

Thanks to all who answer!

I freeze sometimes after a real low gets up–so cold I need to take a hot shower to warm up. I think it is a physical reaction tothe DKA–I hope that is all it is. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

I don’t need a DKA to have this, a bg of 200 is enough.
I always have cold hands and can’t get them warm anymore… even in summer!

The only thing that helps is constant warmth, such as a hot cup of tea I can hold.

So it might be high sugar levels, I don’t know…

Right after DKA, I had something like the same problem–I was anemic and vitamin d deficient (the anemia is gone, and I’m taking d supplements) but if you mention the cold to your doctor, and he can probably do some blood tests to check for possible causes. DKA messes with all the balances in your body, so it could be that you aren’t quite back to your normal, even though you’re well again.

If not, I’d rather be too cold than too hot, especially in this weather.

Awesome, thanks a million! I have noticed that when I drink more fluids, the coldness seems to go away.

And I hate the “it’s normal, don’t worry” and key phrases. I’m a scientist; don’t be afraid to use big words. (Not directed to you, but to so many of the medical community I have come in contact with.) LOL

Aw, any reply, especially if it’s a personal experience, helps! Thanks!

Thanks! I’m glad I’m not the only chick who likes her hot tea. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I normally hate summertime d/t the temperature. Another side benefit is that my power bill for the a/c has been much cheaper this year!


Have you ever had thyroid levels tested? Sadly common for thyroid problems & diabetes to go hand in hand, especially in women.

I was DKA & had pneumonia at the same time, but the pneumonia didn’t cause DKA (though it sure didn’t help). I was freezing in the hospital & requested more blankets. In my case, it was dehydration.