Off insulin!

I just realised I haven’t written since November, and big things have happened to my sweet little LADA honeymoon since! I started eating less and less carbs, and my blood sugars went down and down… until I was in the 60s (mg/dl) lots in early December. Fortunately, I had my checkup (the first “regular” one, the ones before were still part of coming up with my diagnosis) in mid-December and the doctor said that those values were too low and took me off the remaining 3 units of Lantus that I had been taking the last few months. She also said that I “wasn’t eating”… And then came Christmas…

Well, I am not exactly proud of myself for how much sugar and carbs I ate, but I did as best I could while everybody around me really indulged! Anyway, the result was that after just 10 days away, my bloodsugar had become quite unpredictable, so that way I learned that you are not always “punished” straight away for being undisciplined. Since I had been so “good” before Christmas, the first few days on sugar and carbs went quite well, and I thought, hey, this could work. I didn’t measure too often… but when I came back home and started to eat normal, low-carb again, even eating an apple spiked my bloodsugar!

Now, after a week of almost no-carb and very tight control, I am better - in fact, I am so well now that I had my first non-insulin induced low! I thought you couldn’t get lows from oral medication only (metformin)… So I can now “start adding carbs in”, I guess. One of the effects of eating carbs over Christmas and then none for two days in a row last week was that I got a huge migraine that lasted for 2 days. That’s how much one can get addicted to carbs - coming off them can be as painful as coming off coffee.

Anyway, the end of insulin came on 16 December and I am still celebrating! I think it’s a huge victory, and yes, I have been warned and am getting ready for the huge frustration when the honeymoon ends and I’ll be full-time insulin-dependent. In the meantime, if I can avoid it, I will, and therefore I, too, have just ordered Dr Bernstein’s book (of course nobody has ever heard of him here in Italy, and I look forward to surprising my doctor!).

Glad to hear that you are keeping tight control!

I guess it’s not the end of insulin because your body is making insulin, but enjoy the break from injected insulin!

I think that you will find Dr. Bernstein’s book very informative! Keep us posted on how you are doing and keep checking your blood sugar because your body can change the amount of insulin it produces quite quickly! Take good care!

Uta, I was on insulin for the first year of my diagnosis. It has been 6 years since I have had to do insulin. My A1C was good for 2 years and then I started not taking care of things. I relaxed too much and crept back to a 10. I got on metformin and i have been between 6.1 and 7.2. The higher reading came from over treaing lows because I started to hit 60’s to 70’s on just metformin. I have not given up carbs at all. I have cut back but I still need them for execercise. No carbs for me = tanking on a bike ride of run.

For me the ability to eat carbs comes from excercising. I tend to not eat alot of them but I do eat them regularly. So it is possible too be off of insulin for a while, but sometimes with the crazy side effects that I get from orals, i wish i could get back on insulin or nothing. But good for you.

take care