Off the wagon

I have been following a low carb diet for months and keeping an excellent blood sugar level without much medicine. I’ve also lost weight. We’ve had a busy few days this week, with church matters and a bit of a scare with our pregnant daughter, who ended up having to see the emergency doctor on Saturday afternoon with raised blood pressure. The doctor said not to panic and to see her own doctor on Monday. she’s teaching full time. Baby is due in late March.
Still we got so disorganised, I didn’t do any grocery shopping and we went out to lunch in our local Nepalese restaurant today. the food is wonderful, but I passed on the rice, nevertheless I had some carbohydrate. I took a Starlix just in case. and haven’t exceded my target blood sugar. I’ll be back on the wagon tomorrow. I hope that this one day off will jumpstart the weight loss, which has stalled. I don’t feel guilty, because it wasn’t a lapse;I kept in control.

Lordie, that is not falling off the wagon. :slight_smile:

I think that is called being human.

Hope your daughter stays healthy with the new baby coming.


Thanks for your kind comments. Daughter is much better this morning and off to see the midwife for a check up. this is a truly precious baby. First grandchild for us. Daughter and son-in-law thrilled. Every scan has brought them round here to show us the pidctures.
I’m back on track with food this morning. I went swimming at 8:30 and have just returned and had some salami and a couple of crispbreads for breakfast and am finishing my coffee. I shall have an egg for lunch and bacon medallions with spring cabbage for dinner when husband gets home. Tomorrow I’m still thinking about, but I have some lovely Brussels sprouts to have with something for dinner.

Honey I wouldn’t call that falling off the wagon just being human ! Tell your daughter that if she will just hold off til April 5th on having that lovely baby she wuill have it on my 45 birthday! My daughter is due on April 25th and I told her just to have her baby 20 days earlie ans with her and your daughter and my best friends daughter being due on April 1st one way or another we wi;; have one very near my birthday anyway! Hope your daughter is doing fine now!!!

Daughter is back at work with blood pressure back to normal. If baby comes early it has a choice of Feb 9th, my 61st birthdayor,Feb 22nd, my husband’s 61st birthday. If late, April 17th is my mother’s 90th. Plenty of good choices there.
I’m having a difficult week with food, because it’s the week for Christmas lunches with 3 groups I belong to. I got tthrough the first one having just 1 tiny potato and no dessert. I even turned down the chocolates,well all but one small one!! I also did the longer walk with my walking group this Tuesday. I usually do the 2 mile on the flat in an hour walk, but I managed 4 miles including a hill in one hour fifteen minutes. The Walking for Health Initiative is now nation wide in Britain, but it actually started with a doctor’s practice a few miles from here. He was looking for a good way to rehab heart patients. The movenent is growing. Walking is so much more pleasurable in a group.


A few years ago I put together a page of helpful advice for people who go off a low carb dieting that might be helpful if like everyone else on earth you end up eating a bunch of junk this holiday season. There are some physiological issues that, if you understand them, make it a lot easier to get back on track.

It’s at When You Crash Off Your Diet,

I also have another page of helpful ideas for those of us who are low carbing for blood sugar control where the emphasis has to be on long-term success. A Diabetes Diet is Different from a Weight Loss Diet.,

Glad to hear your daughter is okay!

that was really helpful,thanks!!. I’m doing very well with the blood sugars, due to have A1c done in mid January. I’ve never got into the 6s since I got the control right. but the weight is staying stubbornly stalled. Sort of " down a couple of pounds then back up again" very frustrating. I am quite tall, but just under 200 pounds is far too much. I think I shall have to try ATkins from the book. I’ll go get the book this weekend