Off to Boston to the Clinical Trial

I will be 55 on December 5 of this year., which is next Saturday. I will be taking part in Denise Faustman’s research at Massachussetts General Hospital. I believe that her potential treatment paradigms will lead to a viable "cure’"for type one diabetes and a myriad of other autoimmune conditions in MY LIFETIME.

Check out the website for more
I am requesting Prayers and “Warm Fuzzies”; as Boston is COLD this time of year.
I would love to celebrate both my birthday, enjoy the holiday ambience, and see the sights…Any Bostonians with suggestions?

God Bless,

I did not properly post the link!! :

Brunetta, I was in Boston and participated in the Joslin Medalists Study on Monday Nov 30. The temperatures were not bad at all but by Dec 5 that might change. I hope you have a good trip. We used a GPS to make it easier to get around in the city. Of course we avoided the rush hours. I hope everything goes well for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hi Brunetta - please see the link for my update on Dr Faustman’s study. I participated last week on December 10th.
In Boston, I highly recommend staying in the Hilton on Boylston St. It is a gorgeous hotel and it right in the heart of the city. It is actually really cheap this time of year too- and if booked on Orbitz, it’s free parking in the “self park” garage under the Hilton (which is a $37 per day fee)
-Be sure to bring your GPS because navigating the Boston streets is crazy. There are a lot of one-way streets and the roads split for no reason.
-The Hilton is located right across the street from the Convention Center.
-Also directly across the street from the mall which has tons and tons of boutique stores.
-I highly recommend the sushi bar at the Japanese “restaurant” inside the food court at the mall. Like $3.50 for a whole roll. Yum! (Shaw’s sushi is actually pretty good there too!)
-The streets are jam packed with little hole-in-the-wall restaurants and hidden places to shop. There are a ton of music stores to navigate, if you’re into that and everyone is very into “cultural” and “creative” things in the city.
-Be sure to dress warm! Being in between the buildings is very cold and very very windy.
-If you’re into fashion at all, be on your A game because those people in Boston are very beautiful. Everyone walks EVERYWHERE and everyone is in really good shape.

Dr Faustman’s team is very nice. I felt extremely welcomed. The blood donation took about an hour because of filling out the questionnaire. Other than that, you’re out in no time at all. Phase I clinics are closed, but Phase II is still pending and anyone that matches their DNA criteria is still available to join.

Good luck! And have fun!

Happy belated birthday! Sorry missed your post.

Must be a good omen to be participating in Dr. Faustman’s trial on your birthday. Wishing you luck. I’d be beside myself with anticipation.

Hope you’re enjoying Boston. One of my favorite cities.

Hi Gerri, I am not participating in Dr Faustman’s trial. My participation was in the Joslin Medalist Study. They are examining Type 1 diabetics who have been diabetics for 50 years or more. They want to determine what enables so many Type 1’s to live so long, without any serious complications. If they discover causes then a treatment might be found that would help more recently diagnosed Type 1’s and keep them from having complications. I completed the study on Nov 30. There is a thread on my study participation on the main discussion forum.

Hi Richard,

We’re all so proud of your Joslin Medal & that you’re part of their amazing study.

My post was to Brunetta about her participation in Dr. Faustman’s trial:)

Tu D members are involved in so many exciting ventures lately.

Thanks for the tips Marps - I’m being asked to go to do the first set of blood work next year (Phase II - I didn’t luck in on Phase I). Have friends in Boston (workmates) - so may stay with them. I know what you mean about having a GPS, Boston is FUN to navigate that’s for sure. Can’t wait to hear back from Brunetta - had sent her an email - but so far - no reply back - so maybe she decided to stay in Boston.

Woops! Sorry Gerri, I misunderstood. I make a lot of mistakes like that anymore.

Brunetta, that is an exciting study. Dr Faustman is an amazing lady/doctor. I hope everything goes well for you in Boston. I love that city but we have not yet toured there.

awesome! I’m scheduled for a second donation in August. They are already scheduled out to August next year- that’s how many people want to be invovled! :slight_smile:

No biggie, Richard:)

Lots of prayers and warm fuzzies to you.:slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday, Brunetta! Hope all went well and you enjoyed Boston (I haven’t been there in years but remembered it as one of the unique and special American cities).

Good for you… Send some of that magical potion this way… I’ve been supporting her for years.

Hope you had a great time in Boston on your B-day:) I am so excited about Faustman’s research! I hope and pray that the first leg of the research has gone well.

Hi All! I am back from Boston!!! Thanks to all of you for the encouragement. I am so Sorry that I have been late getting back to you :I had been stupendously busy at work, trying to geet needed paperwork done at my public school job after my return from Boston and meeting with Dr. Faustman…

I had a wonderful trip and was greatly impressed with Dr.Faustman…She is earnest, energetic, and enthusiastic. I donated blood for the Phase 2 trial and will be returning at the end of July to donate more Marps, your description of the study and the use of BCG to eliminate the rogue t-cells was great. Everyone, Marps has described it to a tee and is far more explicit and precise than I could ever be…Check out her blog noted above.

I really would like to encourage others to take part in Dr. Faustman’s research…She spoke to me and indicated that ALL of her support is from private donors and that type one volunteers are the driving force . Hers is the ONLY research into type one diabetes that is looking to cure those with long-standing diseasesthat is not using drugs to suppress the immune response, AND is regenerating the body’s own beta cells. I may not be among the ones chosen to receive a standard “treatment” in further stages/phases of the clinical trial, but my participation may lead to a quicker “cure” for us all. Please check out her website and consider a blood or monetary donation.

Now about Boston: It is a great Walking/ touring City. The first night, my friend Clarence and I walked all over the city and used public transportation to get around, it was very easy to negotiate the trains and buses .The next day( saturday/ We did the Walking Tour with the Costumed Guide from Boston Commons, visited the Boston Science museum, had fabulous seafood; and I serenaded and crooned at a Karaoke bar called The LimeLight on December 5th, the night of my birthday. We did much more… I am going to post the photos of our escapades this week!!

Thanks all for your wonderful support. She still needs volunteers, but it would probably be late into August before you could be scheduled.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season… I am off to GA for several days to visit with my family ( mom, dad, brother, sister, nieces, nephews), starting on Tuesday, December 22.

God Bless you all!!! Thank you all so much for your support!!!