OH boy,now what?

I am a type two, I am on Amaryl and Janumet right now, hoping to change to byetta or insulin soon, But that's not the problem. I devleoped a server infection in my index finger last week....horribly painful, black and blue and an ugly yellow ooze. So I have had three antibiotic injections, oral antibiotics, along with meds for gout and arthritis, which is how this all started. My blood sugars have been over 250 since I was diagnosed....301 this AM....freaked me out. Now I have a tooth that needs to be fixed, have lost almost half of it bit my dentist said he can save it. I need to get back on track with the numbers.....asked doc to up meds for awhile until my diabetic check in two weeks when we will talk changes.
Any ideas or helps?
*** sorry about the poor typing, I have only two fingers that work

I'm sorry to hear of your infection. I know that you may not want to hear this, but it is really important to get your blood sugars down and insulin is likely to be the only thing to tame them right now. An infection will feed on high blood sugars and in a circular punishment the infection will cause your blood sugars to be higher. This is a serious health concern and you it is entirely appropriate to ask your doctor to help you and provide you with insulin immediately. This is not some routine diabetic checkup that can wait around a couple weeks.

Hi Cathy. That sounds serious. I hope you can get your numbers down soon and get rid of that infection!!

I agree with Sally and BSC. This needs to be treated now. I would see if I could bump up my appointment. Getting you numbers under control is important. As far as the choice between Byetta and insulin. I can't tell you what's the best for you but I found that Byetta was just a delaying tactic and ended up with insulin anyway. Whatever choice you make you probally need to get started now. Getting your number down will help with the infection.

Gary S

How are you doing now Cathy?