Oh I cheated but loved every minute of it

Cheat might not be the right word but indulge,treat or splurge may be a better fit. Even before D-day I had been starting to eat better watch portions shy away from over processed foods, buying local and organic. This is mostly do to the wife and her doing Weight Watchers. Last night before work she asked me to stop by a local bakery and pick something up. So this morning I head over to the bakery instant carb attack all those yummy pastries and doughnuts calling my name screaming for me to eat one or one dozen. I keep my resolve for the most part walked out with fresh made Asiago cheese bagels a whopping 85 carbs apiece. I get home with the thought of just half of one for breakfast, then it hits me a bagel sandwich, something I haven't had for months even before I found out I had the big D. So I throw on a pot of coffee, the last of a gift of Jamaican Blue Mountain peaberry (I was feeling decedent). I go out let the chickens out and to my luck 3 still warm fresh eggs. I go back in the house and grate up some 4 year age sharp cheddar and throw some thick sliced bacon on the skillet. I prepare my omelet. Quick do the math figure I'm looking at close to 100 carbs, more then what I do for 2 or 3 meal. Take my shot lots of insulin. I remove the bacon from the skillet and throw a slab of butter in watch as it melts then pour in the omelet, sprinkle on some cheese and can feel my mouth water as it cooks. This isn't one of those I'm a little low I can have a candy bar moments, this is closer to the feeling of your first glass of a good casket ale. I fold the omelet over piling on the rest of the cheese.I slide the almost perfect (slight tear) omelet out of the skillet and place the bagel on it brown the in side, then flip the side and place the omelet on one half the bacon on the other then after a short time place them together.

The first bite is a burst of oh so bad for me artery clogging carby goodness. I know this is not what I should be eating that I most likely be eating just salad the next few days, but it is so worth it just once in awhile to forget about eating healthy to indulge to cheat, I just hope I took enough insulin but it felt so good to eat what once was for me normal knowing it was a treat only to happen once in a blue moon.

Oooohhhhh Yeaaaaaaa… Been there, done that.

Best thing tested three hours later 104

Amen! It’s all about the moderation. I’m a hedonist. Within limits. :slight_smile: Dude, that sounded so GOOD!!!