Oh I love living in the SHIRE

Good morning for the Shire
I woke up to a drab cold misty and quite Shire,the mist was akin to the mists of old the fog that choked you and barred your way being so thick,I remember having to get up at 5am get dresses in a house with no central heating fighting my way out of bed due to the number of coats and blankets which covered my bed no water bottles getting into a freezing bed,the shivers ran down my body it was Ok a little later but how did anyone survive before central heating,after getting dressed I usually had to run to catch the bus you know what it is like a warm bed cold surroundings just another 5 minutes mother would shout and boy oh boy could she shout,this is your last call get that body of yours down here now,on mornings such as today when the fog replaced the mist finding your way to the bus stop proved anything if not a challenge.

Once on the bus it went at snails pace,a bit like our postal service today who ever invented emails a big thank you,A two hour journey on the bus well 2 buses as you had to change buses at Dudley to get a bus to Cradley Heath where the foundy was I worked at from 7 till 6 always late always hungry always tired not as tired as I get today with diabetes,many is the night the fog was so thick no buses ran and I had to make my way home taking me up to four hours no overcoat when you are young not even the cold slows you down these days I have to sit with the central heating on two pairs of socks shirt jumper and coat some days,today JUST a shirt and jumper and two pairs of socks with my slippers will do,trying to get up and sort breakfast so I can fill my system with pills and insulin,trouble is I do not feel hungry what a sad life one leads