Oh Joy, More Bad News

So, as if diabetes wasn’t enough, hello TMJ. Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder. Thanks Mom! (can’t you just feel the sarcasm rolling off that statement). I won’t know for certain until I go to the dentist, but considering I can barely open my mouth without pain on the left side of my jaw, I won’t be surprised. It also explains the headaches and ear pain I’ve been having

But, in happier news, I’ve gotten a much better control over my diabetes. My numbers have almost gone down to normal. YAY!

I have TMJ as well… it sucks sometimes, but it’s not as bad as it used to be… I still grind my teeth when I sleep, but I’m not waking up with the almost dislocated jaw feeling.

Congrats on getting control over your Diabetes!!

I have had TMJ for over ten years. And I’m a professional singer. laughs Sucks. But I actually got some relief from chiropractic adjustment (about 2 years of jaw re-alignment), a bite plate (to help with the grinding), and taking glucosamine sulfate (for building up your cartilage). I also gave up gum and bagels (too chewy - ouch!). My jaw almost never bothers me now. When it does (and you should try this), I massage my temples to release those mandibular muscles.

i get terrible pain in the area of the jaw joint due to grinding, specially when I am stressed out. :frowning: Just like I need something else to worry about) I also got a bite plate, I am not using it right now, because I lost it, but, it did help with the grinding.