Oh, my goodness...a J.O.B

Whispering quietly so the Fates won’t ruin my plans…

…psst…I start a new contract job tomorrow. Three months to start, but they might extend. Yay.

Good news: pay is good, I passed all their background checks (ha!) and hey, it’s a job!

Bad news: I will be getting up at FOUR a.m. (perhaps even 3:45 a.m.) to get my butt into my desk chair by 6 (it’s about a :45 minute commute, door to door.)

It’s a very large company. When I was out there today, doing my final paperwork, one of my new co-workers walked by: shaved head with various sea animals tattooed on his scalp. OK – I guess I don’t have to fret too much about dress code or prejudice against people who follow the beat of their own drummer. I just have to do a good job. I can do that.



@Mark – LOL – good one!!!

congrats on the new job. its a start and you never know where its leading to

Congratulations! You do not say what you will be doing but I hope that things go well and get to something bigger and better. Just ask questions when you need to, check your bloods and make sure you have snacks and drinks with you at all times - and keep your (hopefully not shaven and tattooed) down and get on with it!

Yay! Congratulations! So, so exciting! As someone who is just picking up the pieces after being unemployed for over 5 months, I feel ya! Good luck!


Congrats on the new job ! Hope it works out for you.

Congratulations on the job.


Congratulations. I wish you the best and I hope you love it.

Thanks, everybody! I survived the first day. Whew.

Such good news, Jean! Keep us updated.

Wonderful! Great to hear. :slight_smile: