Oh My..tonights distraction ---TuD

So–incredibly silly as it is…tonight I forget to bolus for my apple juice that I take my night time meds with…while answering a post about forgotten boluses–It just doesn’t get better than that :slight_smile:

Was getting ready to clock my CGM for beeping me–until I noticed there was no bolus…UGH
So why is it that is takes less insulin to prevent a high than it does to fix it? crazy crazy…

Only thing good about this high is it was not one of the weird drive ya nuts for NO sensible reason ones! I didn’t have to go through the laundry list of–id I spend more time on the treadmill–faster? Mismeasure a meal, stress, illness, bad insulin, set, resevoir…to hot, too cold, too much shopping, not enough to drink…did ya forget the symlin…well ya’ll know and undersatnd those thing that non-D’s just don’t get…

I do find spontenaity a bit hard with the D. Everything needs to be planned…shopping–where are we going, how long, when did I eat last, when do I need to eat next, whose driving, is the cooler full (I keep a cooler that has water and real sugared coke in it–coke works best for my lows–and helps settle the upset tummy that often accompanies a fast plunge)

Of for a bit of fun–wil ther be water–is it really worth coming off the pump and ontop shots for whatever the proposed activity is…add everything from shopping to this list again

Off to exercise ok–turn down the pump to 50% at least a half an hour before going–turn up to 125% for one hour after–unless you change the amount of time or change intensity–then its punt because the standard “fix” won’t work–…take all the steps in shiopping–but add some string cheese and make sure the glucagon is packed

and the list goes on…

And the fatigue for me after an over 250 high or an under 65 low is almost indescribable…when explaining or mimicking a day in the life of…how do you capture this??

Well…going to think on that a bit more…

Oh the irony, hope the aftermath wasn’t too bad for you, know what you mean about all the things that need to be factored in just for nipping to the shops, it mentally exhausting sometimes without the physical BG factor and general battle scars. x

The only way to capture it is as you did in your very James Joyce stream-of-consciousness way!

Aren’t people with diabetes the ultimate multitaskers?! Our brains are so busy, all the time–and sometimes we don’t have enough glucose in our bloodstream to keep at it!

Did pump deliver multiwave bolus? buckle up the kid, calculate carbs in packed lunch, add fresh veggies to grocery list, put on the turn signal, sigh at only one strip remaining, refill the gas tank, buy more glucose tablets, pay bills, promote World Diabetes Day, spend some time on tudiabetes, stop and smell the roses, feel low & check, consider candy bowl at work, read backlog of e-mail, go to meeting, check bg, forget tissue and wipe on meeting agenda, remember to schedule son’s birthday party, buy cat food, oops forgot to order insulin pump cartridges, call medical equipment supply house, listen to elevator music, ask for password, log into online order form, talk to husband, talk to mom, water plants, feel tired, see WT? bg, correction dose …

Geez, I’m tired!

The blame belongs on the Diabetes Gods. They’re such pranksters & love messing with us!