Oh,please tell me dr. how sick am I?

A few weeks ago, I had a date(!) with my endo. He told me that I had to be tested, because I probably have the celiac disease. He forgot to mention that those antibody tests are not covered by my health care insurance policy. He also forgot to mention the cost of every test. He was dead serious about me having another health condition, that I had to live with (as if I could die from celiac!) I got so scared and frustrated that I had a bg of 300! (almost got a stroke). But when I googled “celiac” and saw that the prevalence of the damn disease in diabetics is 8-10% I went pheww… I mean, I didn’t even have the right symptoms! Then, I learned that the damn doctor had an agreement with the diagnostic center in our area, and that he was sending patients their way as clients. Was outraged! Turns out I have had many problems through the years but not that one!